What is a Trima?

What is a Trima?

Trima Accel® Automated Blood Collection System, AKA Trima systems, are industry leading apheresis machines. These systems give us the ability to draw out one specific component part of whole blood while safely returning the remaining component parts to the donor.

How is apheresis performed?

How is apheresis performed? All apheresis procedures involve directing the blood in the patient/donor’s veins through tubing to a machine that separates the blood components. The separation is done by either a centrifuge process or a filtration process on the blood in the machine.

How do you prepare for apheresis?

  1. Apheresis [AY-fur-EE-sis] is the removal of certain blood cells.
  2. Please eat a low-fat diet the day before you arrive.
  3. Apheresis should help your doctor treat your disease.
  4. For informational purposes only.
  5. After the procedure, please call your doctor if you have:
  6. We will test, process and store the cells.

Who invented the apheresis machine?

Herb Cullis
The apheresis machine was invented by American medical technologist Herb Cullis in 1972. One of the uses of apheresis is for collecting stem cells.

What is apheresis used to treat?

What is apheresis used for? Apheresis may be used for the collection of donor blood components or for the removal of parts of the blood that might contain disease-provoking elements. Apheresis may be used in the treatment of blood cancers and a range of other blood disorders.

How do you feel after apheresis?

Some people have side effects from apheresis. These may include an allergic reaction, fatigue, nausea, dizziness, or low blood pressure. You may feel numbness, tingling, and itching. Most side effects will stop when the treatment ends.

What can I expect from apheresis?

Apheresis: What to Expect Eat a healthy, low-fat meal within two hours ahead of your procedure. Start hydrating at least 24 hours prior to procedure. Increase calcium intake 48-72 hours prior to procedure. Avoid or limit caffeinated sodas, coffee, iced tea and energy drinks on the day of procedure.