What is another word for Prince Charming?

What is another word for Prince Charming?

What is another word for Prince Charming?

Don Juan Casanova
charmer goat
heartbreaker lady-killer
lech lounge lizard
lover roué

Is Prince Charming a good person?

In the fantasy novel series The Sisters Grimm (2005–2012), Prince Charming is the mayor of Ferryport Landing, a town inhabited by fairy-tale characters- or everafters. He is shown to be rude, arrogant and boastful, but turns out to be a valuable ally to the protagonists of the series.

What is Prince Charming known for?

Prince Charming: Or as known as Prince Henry is the secondary character of ‘Cinderella’ and its sequels movies. He was the love interest of Cinderella who later married her and became the king of an unknown kingdom. He saved the princess from her stepmother and sisters.

What does it mean to call someone a prince?

Definition of prince 1a : monarch, king. b : the ruler of a principality or state. 2 : a male member of a royal family especially : a son of the sovereign. 3 : a nobleman of varying rank and status. 4 : one likened to a prince especially : a man of high rank or of high standing in his class or profession.

What’s the opposite of Prince Charming?

What is the opposite of Prince Charming?

cheater creep
evildoer hoaxer
devil crook
vagabond charlatan
mischiefmaker bilker

How would you describe a prince?

He would be strong, but gentle, kind, but firm, honest, but clever, brave, but cautious, levelheaded, but adventurous, practical, but generous, loyal, but not possessive, trustworthy, but not naive, intelligent, but not arrogant, fair minded, but not indecisive or tyrannical , conservative, but not rigid, liberal, but …

Is Prince Charming a hero?

“First off, Prince Charming is not a hero. He doesn’t fight anyone. He faces no dangers. They argued that Prince Charming saves Cinderella, and that little boys everywhere loved to fantasize about rescuing girls.

Are prince Charmings real?

Prince charming is not a real person, he’s an animation created by storytellers. He’s a concept and, again, not a real person.

What means prince?


  • ruler, sovereign, lord, overlord, dynast, leader, monarch, crowned head.
  • royal duke, king, emperor, tsar, grand duke, elector, potentate, suzerain, crown prince, princeling, prince regent, mogul, baron, liege, liege lord.
  • emir, sheikh, sultan, maharaja, raja.

What does a prince of a man mean?

a person or thing that is chief or preeminent in any class, group, etc.: a merchant prince. a person possessing admirably fine and genial characteristics: He is a prince of a man.