What is BillJunction and BillDesk?

What is BillJunction and BillDesk?

Bill junction and Bill desk are modern technologies, they are payment gateways, the payment gateways are used to make payments for electricity bill, phone bill, gas bill, internet bill, etc .

What is the meaning of BillJunction?

BillJunction processes your bill payment instruction through Reserve Bank of India’s Electronic Clearing (ECS) service. The entire process is defined and executed by Reserve Bank of India, thereby ensuring utmost security of transaction.

Is BillJunction Indian company?

About Us. BillJunction.com is backed by ICICI Group, India’s premier financial institution. ICICI was founded by the Government of India, World Bank and representatives of the Indian private sector, on January 5, 1955 to encourage and assist industrial development and investment in India.

Is BillJunction safe?

Complete security of your transactions & information is our foremost consideration. BillJunction is password protected i.e. the access to the service or to any of your personal or financial information on the web-site is provided only if a user provides the valid Login Name and Password.

What is the difference between BillDesk and PayU?

While BillDesk has a stronghold in government and Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) segments, PayU is the go-to payment gateway for an array of internet companies.

What is BillDesk refund?

Excess bill payments or more than one payment made by any other payment gateway or mode will be adjusted in next bills. No refund will be made in such case.

Which company acquired BillDesk?

PayU acquires BillDesk for $4.7 bn in one of largest Indian fintech deals. This acquisition brings Prosus’s investement into India to $10 billion.

What is billjunction?

BillJunction saves you time & money Pay bills through Internet or SMS Pay your electricity, telephone, cellphone bills BillJunction is cost effective and time efficient Want to know more? Take our guided tour

What is worldline billjunction?

Worldline is India’s foremost electronic bill presentment & payment company. Worldline offers you online bill payment through its service product Billjunction. BillJunction is dedicated to providing you hassle-free bill payment needs. BillJunction promises you freedom in short, from general bill pay drudgery.

What do you like most about Bill junction?

Bill Junction alerts you when a bill is due , when it is about to be paid and then when it is debited. It has a fairly wide client base and that is helpful. After I migrated from MTNL, I had no use for Bill Junction for a long while. Then suddenly I felt the need to use it again and decided to check it out.

What is the difference between BillDesk and Bill junction?

Basically both billdesk and bill junction are payment gateways. So you can choose any of them for making payment of electricity, lpg, etc bills. Basic difference between them is that billdesk is supported by most of the merchants.