What is cocamide diethanolamine used for?

What is cocamide diethanolamine used for?

Cocamide DEA, or cocamide diethanolamine, is a diethanolamide made by reacting the mixture of fatty acids from coconut oils with diethanolamine. It is a viscous liquid and is used as a foaming agent in bath products like shampoos and hand soaps, and in cosmetics as an emulsifying agent.

What is DEA hair products?

Diethanolamine (DEA) is a common wetting agent used in shampoos, skin care and cosmetics. It creates a rich lather in shampoos and produces a nice consistency in skin care.

Where is diethanolamine found?

DEA (diethanolamine) and DEA compounds are used to make cosmetics creamy or sudsy. DEA also acts as a pH adjuster, counteracting the acidity of other ingredients. DEA is mainly found in moisturizers and sunscreens, while cocamide and lauramide DEA are found in soaps, cleansers, and shampoos.

What is DEA in shampoo?

Cocamide DEA is a colorless liquid used in cosmetics and personal care products such as bath oil, shampoo, conditioner, and hair dye. It is also used in some pet-care and household-cleaning products. The use of cocamide DEA has decreased in recent years.

Is cocamide MEA FDA approved?

Does the FDA Regulate Cocamide DEA? No, it does not. Although it has been labeled (by the IARC) as a potentially carcinogenic substance and banned by the State of California, U.S. manufacturers are not regulated as to its use.

How do you make diethanolamine?

Diethanolamine (1 M, pH 9.8) Solution Preparation and Recipe

  1. Prepare 800 mL of dH2O in a suitable container.
  2. Add 105.14 g of Diethanolamine to the solution.
  3. Add 0.1 g of Magnesium Chloride Hexahydrate to the solution.
  4. Adjust the pH to 9.8 with 10 M HCl solution.
  5. Add dH2O until the volume is 1.

Is cocamide a coconut?

Coconut diethanolamide (aka cocamide DEA) is extracted from coconut oil, and is used as a foaming and emulsifying agent in cosmetics and personal care products. It is also used in industrial cooling lubricants and hydraulic fluids.