What is daymet?

What is daymet?

Daymet is a research product of the Environmental Sciences Division at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, TN. Daymet is supported by NASA through the Earth Science Data and Information System ( ESDIS ) and the TE Program.

Where can I download daymet V4 daily gridded data?

Daymet V4 daily gridded data are available for download from the ORNL DAAC through website search and order tools. In addition, the ORNL DAAC supports a separate Daymet Project website which provides customized tools for accessing the data. The V4 data supersede all V3 products.

How is the daymet dataset stored and distributed?

The Daymet dataset is stored and distributed as individual CF-Compliant netCDF file for each Daymet variable. The most current Daymet data is being delivered to the user in terms of both Daymet software and Daymet data versions.

What is the daymet calendar based on?

The Daymet calendar is based on a standard calendar year. All Daymet years, including leap years, have 1–365 days. For leap years, the Daymet data include leap day (February 29) and December 31 is discarded from leap years to maintain a 365-day year. The data are stored and distributed as individual CF-compliant netCDF files for each parameter.