What is difference between Behringer UCA202 and UCA222?

What is difference between Behringer UCA202 and UCA222?

The Music-group website says: “The UCA222 and the UCA202 are functionally the same unit. They both feature the same technical specifications as shown below and the hardware chipset is the same between the 2 units. The second, and more useful difference, is that the UCA202 uses a TI PCM2902 ADC.

Is Behringer UCA202 a DAC?

The Behringer UCA202 gives you an ultra-low latency 2-In/2-Out USB sound card/audio interface. Sporting an additional Digital Output for digital-to-analog (DAC) conversion. Use the UCA202 Audio Interface/DAC as a professional interface between your mixing console and your computer.

Is Behringer a good interface?

Behringer has brought a versatile interface to users at an incredibly low price. Definitely at the top of list for project studios with heftier I/O needs, you can track at 24-bit/192 kHz resolution and take advantage of 4 MIDAS-designed preamplifiers.

What is au control?

U-Control is the interface that delivers Utelogy to your users, enabling them to easily collaborate with a personalized experience. Built on common web technology standards, U-Control enables ubiquitous access for your users through any web-enabled device with a screen, including any computer, tablet or smart phone.

How do I use Behringer UCA222 with audacity?

Please try this:

  1. Shut down your computer.
  2. Ensure that the UCA222 is securely plugged into a USB socket on the computer (NOT via a USB hub, it should be plugged directly into the computer).
  3. Reboot the computer.
  4. Open the “Recording” tab of the “Sound settings dialog”
  5. Connect your headphones to the UCA222.

Which is better Behringer or focusrite?

Based on all the features and qualities compared, they both have their pros and cons. Behringer UMC404HD has more input and output ports, which offer more functionality, but the Scarlett 2i2 improves sound recording quality. Moreover, they both perform quite well and have the essential controls.

What is the Behringer uca222?

UCA222 is an extremely low cost DAC/ADC targeted at home recording consumers. For this review I measure its DAC and headphone output performance. This is an ultra low cost device retailing at just $30 with shipping included! As such, it is an “Amazon Choice” product: https://www. amazon. com/Behringer-U-.

How do I connect a Behringer uca222 to a Sansui turntable?

If you do not have a pre-amp available, buy the Behringer U-Phono UFO202. I connected my 1970’s Sansui turntable into my preamp , then the preamp into the UCA222, and finally plug in the UCA 222 usb cord into the usb port on my laptop. I used a free program called audacity to capture the digital file.

How good is the uca222 DAC?

The UCA222 is a dirt cheap DAC. It uses older style 48 Khz max sampling rate DAC which probably retails for less than the change in my pocket. Its measured performance ranges from “OK” to pretty bad. Seeing how my laptop beats it in every regard, I see no reason to recommend it.

Is the uca202 a good sound card?

The UCA202 is a cheap and simple mobile replacement for an odd Onboard Soundcard. It works very well for this scenario. RCA-Out is OK, Phone-Out, SPDIF and RCA-In similar. Sure, its far from High-Fidelity, but it is not built for and it works without any issues. If you have an party outside, it betters your mobile Laptop/Onboard Soundcard.