What is difference between NIV and NIrV?

What is difference between NIV and NIrV?

NIV 2011 is a “standard” English version, while NIrV is in simplified English, having in mind children and those whose competence in English and/or whose knowledge of the Bible is limited.

What religion reads the New International Version Bible?

New International Version
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What grade level is NIV?

It seeks to provide the optimum combination of transparency to the form and structure of the original documents and comprehensibility of the original meaning in every verse. The NIrV is based on the NIV, written for a third-grade reading level.

What is the best English version of the Bible?

New Revised Standard Version (7%) New American Bible (6%) The Living Bible (5%)…Through 29 December 2012, the top five best selling translations (based on both dollar and unit sales) were as follows:

  • New International Version.
  • King James Version.
  • New Living Translation.
  • New King James Version.
  • English Standard Version.

How accurate is the NIV translation?

The new NIV retains 95% of the words of the 1984 edition, but where there are changes, it communicates the original meaning better to modern readers and more accurately than before.

How many words in the new International Version Bible?

Version: New International Version Abbreviation: NIV Word Count: 727,969. Version: English Standard Version Abbreviation: ESV Word Count: 757,439. Version: New American Standard Bible Abbreviation: NASB Word Count: 782,815. The Format of The Bible . Now that you know how many words The Bible has, you know that there are a lot. The Bible is one

What is the new international version of the Bible?

The updated edition of the New Revised Standard Version is its own act of unveiling. Hal Taussig is the editor of ” A New New Testament ” and co-author of ” After Jesus Before Christianity .” This story originally appeared in Los Angeles Times. Show full articles without “Continue Reading” button for {0} hours.

Is the new international version a Catholic Bible?

The Catholic Bible is the bible of Roman Catholics, which includes books considered canonical by Roman Catholics, Eastern Orthodox, Oriental Orthodox, and the Church of the East, but not by most Protestants. The Catholic Bible exists in many different versions, of which the New American Bible and the New A

What is new international version?

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