What is digiscoping adapter?

What is digiscoping adapter?

A digiscoping adapter will allow you to align your smartphone with your spotting scope so that it acts like a lens. Your scope will serve as a zoom lens and allow you to capture close up images (at whatever your scope’s magnification is) of your chosen subject.

What is digiscoping photography?

Placing the lens of a digital camera to the eyepiece of a spotting scope to take photos is called “digiscoping.” It’s an inexpensive way to take good pictures without a long, heavy telephoto lens and the expensive camera body that goes with it. It’s even becoming common for people to record video while digiscoping.

What is a Digiscope camera?

Digiscoping usually refers to using either a digital single-lens reflex camera with lens attached or, more often, a fixed lens point and shoot digital camera to obtain photos through the eyepiece of a birdwatcher’s spotting scope.

Can you attach a camera to a spotting scope?

Connecting a Camera to a Scope There are many ways to connect SLR and point-and-shoot cameras to your spotting scope or telescope. On scopes with removable eyepieces, many manufacturers market a camera attachment that mounts to the scope in place of the eyepiece.

What do I need for digiscoping?

digiscoping! Digiscoping with a spotting scope, telescope, or binoculars turns your camera—even your smartphone or tablet camera—into a powerful optical device with a telephoto reach that blows even the most expensive DSLR lenses out of the wetlands, and for a fraction of the cost of a premium telephoto lens.

Can you use swarovski eyepieces for digiscoping?

Compatible Eyepieces Swarovski eyepieces are usually sold separately from their scopes, and any of their three 30x, 25-50x and 20-60x eyepieces will work. The 30x and 25-50x wide-angle eyepieces in particular make excellent choices for digiscoping. The adapter fits in such a way that a zooming the eyepiece still works with the adapter fitted.

Can I use my camera with a Swarovski spotting scope?

Taking photographs with a Swarovski Spotting scope using their UCA (Universal Camera Adapter) to attach your camera to the scope makes for a very light and secure digiscoping system. The UCA has the flexibility of working with both SLR and Compact type cameras.

What is the best Digiscope adapter?

The DIGIDAPTER is a precision digiscope adapter that is computer machined from solid aircraft aluminum, not plastic like other adapters. Top it off with the best customer service in the industry and you will see why the DIGIDAPTER is “The Choice of the World’s Best Digiscopers”. It’s simply the best digiscope adapter on the market.

What is the collar on the scope adapter for?

The adapter comes with a mounting collar that is intended to stay on the scope. The old eyepiece mounting ring is removed and a new ring and collar are installed. This is the same collar that comes with the DCB ii digiscoping adapter. The two adapters interchangeably mount on the scope using this common protective collar.