What is EDP?

What is EDP?

Why EDP? EDP was started by a core group of “elite” clubs in Region 1. Our mission was to provide a development-friendly arena of competition where coaches can operate in a congenial and mutually-supportive environment to develop players who aspire the to the highest levels of play – College, Pro and International, etc.

How do I contact the EDP National League?

If you have any questions after going through the registration process, please email [email protected]. EDP has entered into a long-term agreement with US Youth Soccer to manage four National League conferences in the East Region starting in 2018-19.

What does the word “Registan” mean?

Translated from Uzbek, “registan” means a sand place. In the ancient times, this central square was covered by sand. The territory was not initially surrounded by madrassah; those great erections appeared rather later.

What is EDP U11 U18?

This coverage expanded to U11-U18 for 2012-13. EDP exists to support soccer programs in the region which are professionally-managed with player development as their primary focus, and thereby to support the growth of soccer in the United States.