What is glycoflex 3?

What is glycoflex 3?

Advertising Disclosure? What is GlycoFlex 3? GlycoFlex 3 is manufactured by VetriScience (a Vermont company in business since 1972), who assert that their products have an excellent track record in supporting canine joint health. It is meant as a dietary supplement for dogs suffering from joint problems due to age, size or very active lives.

Is there another product under the name glycoflex for dogs?

If your dog’s digestion tends to be sensitive, VetriScience recommends using the tablet formulation rather than the chewable treat formulation. Q: Are there other products under the name GlycoFlex? A: Yes, VetriScience has an entire product line under that name.

When is the best time of day to give glycoflex 3?

If you are feeding more than one tablet’s worth (two chews) daily, the manufacturer recommends dividing it into two doses, one in the morning and the other in the evening. VetriScience’s website presents GlycoFlex 3 in a very detailed light, and it is available from many reputable retailers.