What is HPE performance?

What is HPE performance?

HPE Performance Cluster Manager provides complete provisioning, management, and monitoring for clusters scaling to 100,000 nodes. The software enables fast system setup from bare-metal, comprehensive hardware monitoring and management, image management, software updates and power management.

What is HPE support?

For software products covered by HPE Foundation Care, HPE provides remote technical support and access to software updates and patches. Updates for selected HPE-supported third-party software products are included, as they are made available from the original software manufacturer.

What is the use of HPE?

HPE is the global edge-to-cloud company built to transform your business. How? By helping you connect, protect, analyse and act on all your data and applications wherever they live, from edge to cloud, so you can turn insights into outcomes at the speed required to thrive in today’s complex world.

Is HPE doing well?

HPE is currently sporting a Zacks Rank of #1 (Strong Buy), as well as an A grade for Value. The stock holds a P/E ratio of 7.30, while its industry has an average P/E of 12.70. HPE’s Forward P/E has been as high as 8.95 and as low as 5.48, with a median of 7.61, all within the past year.

What is HPC and MCS?

HPE’s High Performance Computing (HPC) and Mission Critical Solutions (MCS) business is a strong and strategic growth business, made stronger through the 2019 acquisition of Cray.

What HPC means?

High Performance Computing
High Performance Computing most generally refers to the practice of aggregating computing power in a way that delivers much higher performance than one could get out of a typical desktop computer or workstation in order to solve large problems in science, engineering, or business.

How is working at HPE?

87% of employees at Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company say it is a great place to work compared to 59% of employees at a typical U.S.-based company. Management is honest and ethical in its business practices. People here are given a lot of responsibility.

What is HPE Tech Care Basic?

HPE Pointnext Tech Care (HPE Tech Care) is the operational support experience for HPE hardware and software products (HPE products). HPE Tech Care provides access to HPE resources who will help drive operational excellence and performance optimization from edge to cloud. …


The Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company (HPE) is an American multinational enterprise information technology company based in Spring, Texas, United States.

Is HPE undervalued?

To the second, unlike both Cisco and Dell, HPE is now undervalued to both a conservative discount and a fair-value multiple in terms of earnings. The upside in the company at this valuation is clear – and higher than in both Cisco and Dell.

What is the future of HPE?

In 2019, HPE committed to delivering its entire portfolio as a service by the end of 2022, and GreenLake, HPE’s edge-to-cloud platform for hybrid computing, is currently one of the company’s fastest-growing businesses.