What is jalousie glass?

What is jalousie glass?

A jalousie window (UK: /ˈdʒælʊziː/, US: /ˈdʒæləsiː/) or louvre window (Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands, Southeast Asia, United Kingdom) is a window composed of parallel glass, acrylic, or wooden louvres set in a frame.

How much is jealousy glass?

The average cost for replacement jalousie windows is $175 to $375 per window. You will want to add in local labor costs which can average around $38 per hour depending on replacement window prices in your area.

Are jalousie windows out of style?

The jalousie window style became popular in the mid-20th century, but later went out of fashion. In this blog, Renewal by Andersen® of Central Pennsylvania discusses why this once-popular window style was superseded by modern windows.

Can you repair jalousie windows?

Putting in a new piece of jalousie window glass is an easy, straight forward fix. However, because the glass is thicker than standard glass and has polished edges, it usually has to be special-ordered (from glass companies or hardware stores).

Can you replace jalousie windows?

On the repair front, the jalousie windows are the easiest to repair. As is the case with many window types, an entire window replacement is needed due to any smaller issue. But in the case of a jalousie window, one or two panel/slat can be easily replaced without changing the entire frame or window.

How do you fix a jalousie window?

Jalousie Windows

  1. Step One: Replace The Crank Handle.
  2. Step Two: Replace The Arm Mechanism If It is Bent.
  3. Step Three: Replace The Broken Rivet.
  4. Step Four: Move The Window Stops Back Into Their Proper Placement.
  5. Step Five: If Your Window Is Sticking Apply Some Oil.

Are jalousie windows safe?

Louver or jalousie windows: Louver windows are especially vulnerable to intruders because the glass panes can be easily lifted out of their brackets from the outside. With the glass bonded to the brackets with epoxy, the louver window is no less secure that any other type of window in the house.

How to replace glass in jalousie windows?

Choose highly trained and experienced jalousie window replacement professionals

  • Be sure to use a bonded,reputable company
  • Find out if your installer will remove your old windows
  • Ask if your window installer will also provide repair services
  • Get an estimate or quote
  • Ask how long will installation take
  • How to replace a jalousie window?

    Assuming the Jalousie consists of glasses,remove the glass panes from the window structure using gloves and screwdriver.

  • The weatherstrip comes with an adhesive side,so peel off the adhesive covering and put it to work.
  • You need to start from the first pane and fill up the spaces between the panes.
  • Where to buy jalousie windows?

    Jalousie windows aren’t going to protect your home of course, remember to “buy local.”

    How to repair a jalousie window crank?


  • Multipurpose cleanser
  • Wire brush
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