What is MicroFocus NetIQ?

What is MicroFocus NetIQ?

NetIQ is a product line within the CyberRes line of business at Micro Focus, which includes solutions focused on cybersecurity, including ArcSight, Fortify, Voltage, and NetIQ. Its flagship offerings are NetIQ Identity Manager and NetIQ Access Manager.

What is NetIQ used for?

NetIQ Identity Manager is an end-to-end identity administration and user provisioning solution. It helps you build a secure and intelligent identity environment. Identity Manager includes enterprise-wide access control, password management, and self-service functionalities.

What is NetIQ service?

NetIQ eDirectory is a highly scalable, high-performing, secure directory service. It can store and manage millions of objects, such as users, applications, network devices, and data. NetIQ eDirectory offers a secure identity management solution that runs across multiple platforms, is internet-scalable, and extensible.

What is NetIQ SecureLogin?

NetIQ® SecureLogin is one of the leading single sign-on (SSO) products on the market today. It allows users to access local and network resources using a single set of credentials. When users log into a desktop, NetIQ SecureLogin automatically authenticates them to all of their applications and resources.

What is NetIQ Sentinel?

Sentinel delivers real-time monitoring and remediation for automated security and compliance. With a single view of security and compliance events across the enterprise, Sentinel combines identity management and security events management for real-time.

What is MicroFocus IAM?

Micro Focus Identity and Access Management (IAM) is suite of more than 20 products. The Micro Focus IAM Upgrade Assessment Service helps customers modernize their IAM platform as a foundation toward transformation. It validates architecture, configurations, integrations, define the upgrade strategy.

What do IAM analyst do?

The IAM analyst will be responsible for creating accounts to support LEAP. The position is liable for ensuring that customer requests for security access is completed in a timely manner, provides second level technical support to the project team, end users and OIT functional groups.

How do I connect to Netiq?

Basic Setup

  1. Install Sentinel Log Management for IGA on Server 3. This server must be a Linux computer.
  2. Install the Identity Manager engine on Server 1.
  3. Install and deploy identity applications on Server 2.
  4. Install iManager and Remote Loader components on Server 2.
  5. Install and deploy Identity Reporting on Server 3.

What is Sentinel SIEM?

Microsoft Sentinel is a cloud-native security information and event manager (SIEM) platform that uses built-in AI to help analyze large volumes of data across an enterprise—fast.