What is Morphosyntax example?

What is Morphosyntax example?

Many linguists use the word morphosyntax to capture the fact that morphemes often have sentence-level functions. For example, a morpheme can indicate whether a form functions as a subject or an object in a sentence. A different kind of morpheme can indicate which noun an adjective is modifying.

What is Morphosyntax linguistics?

môrfō-sĭntăks. The study of grammatical categories or linguistic units that have both morphological and syntactic properties. noun.

What are morphosyntactic features?

By ‘morphosyntactic feature’ we mean a feature which in agiven language is involved in either agreement or government. Thus, whilein many familiar languages the feature ‘tense’ encodes regular semanticdistinctions, it is not required by the syntax through the mechanisms ofeither agreement or government.

What are morphosyntactic properties?

In syntax, a word form’s morphosyntactic properties identify the grammatical characteristics that it possesses, either inherently or as an effect of its syntactic context; these properties determine the particular syntactic relations in which the word form may participate within a sentence.

What are morphosyntactic errors?

3.2 Morpho-syntactic errors Morpho-syntactic errors refer to the other class of syntactic errors. These errors are basically caused due to the misconception of the syntactic rules. The errors concerning the tense, agreement or case requirements within a sentence are the examples of the morpho-syntactic errors[3].

What is morphosyntactic analysis?

By morphosyntactic analysis we mean the assignment of a lemma form and morphosyntactic features to each word or token in a text. The morphosyntactic analysis of a language is a complex task that involves several steps, each having its theoretical underpinnings and requiring a dedicated tool.

What are morphosyntactic structures?

According to Crystal (1980: 234) morphosyntactic is a term in linguistics used to refer to grammatical categories or properties for whose definition criteria of morphology and syntax both apply, as in describing the characteristics of words.

What is Morphosyntactic analysis?