What is multipette?

What is multipette?

The Multipette M4 mechanical multi-dispenser pipette allows you to aspirate liquid once and dispense up to 100 times, making it the ideal precision instrument for long, repetitive pipetting tasks, such as tube or plate filling, and aliquoting reagents. Ideal for handling infectious, toxic or radioactive liquids.

How do you use a repeater pipette Eppendorf?

42 second clip suggested1:33Multipette®/Repeater® M4 from Eppendorf: Say goodbye to tedious …YouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipChange the way you think about sample dispensing the all-new Eppendorf multi pet m4 offers a simpleMoreChange the way you think about sample dispensing the all-new Eppendorf multi pet m4 offers a simple to operate ergonomically designed tool that makes long pipetting and dispensing.

What is a repeater pipette?

Repeater pipettes / pipette repeaters allow users to dispense precise volumes of liquid in a series without needing to aspirate in between each step.

What is a dispenser pipette?

Pipettes and dispensers are essential lab equipment used to dispense measured volumes of liquid accurately.

Are pipettes precise?

A pipette is accurate to the degree that the volume delivered is equal to the specified volume. A pipette can be consistently inaccurate but this inaccuracy could be very precise, for example if a pipette reads consistently low.

What is Eppendorf Research plus?

The Eppendorf Research plus combines over 50 years of innovation in liquid handling and is one of the most commonly used pipettes in the world. The Research plus is the pipette family with the lowest weight and lowest operation forces in the Eppendorf product families.

Are repeater pipettes positive displacement?

The repeater pipette is also very good for viscous, volatile or other difficult to pipette liquids because it is a positive displacement pipette.

What is the Eppendorf research Plus manual pipette?

A spring loaded tip cone, a temporary calibration option, an improved volume display – and all that in an ultra-light, fully autoclavable pipette: That is the Eppendorf Research plus manual pipette.

What is a multi-dispenser pipette?

The Multipette ® M4 mechanical multi-dispenser pipette from Eppendorf helps you perform long, repetitive pipetting tasks with ease. Pipette Holder 2 for one Multipette ® M4 pipette; easily mounted on walls or on Eppendorf pipette carousels.

What is the Eppendorf multipette® m4/combitips® system?

Even difficult to pipette liquids are are no match for the Multipette ® M4/Combitips ® system! The Eppendorf Pipette Holder System stores all current single- and multi-channel pipettes from Eppendorf (including the Repeater ®) and most of their predecessors.

What is the Eppendorf multipette plus/repeater plus?

In combination with Eppendorf Combitips advanced, the Multipette plus/the Repeater plus forms a dispensing system for repeat dispensing operations. Multipette® plus · Repeater® plus — Operating manual 4 Fig. 1: Multipette plus/Repeater plus 2.2 Combitips advanced