What is Paternayan yarn?

What is Paternayan yarn?

Paternayan Yarn, a 3-ply divisible 100% Persian virgin wool yarn for needlepoint. Color numbers 101-592.

What is Persian yarn?

Persian yarn, also called Persian wool, is 3-strand yarn with a loose twist that is generally assumed to be wool, although there is evidence of one company having sold Persian yarn of 100% Orlon acrylic in embroidery kits in the 1970s and ’80s. Each strand is 2-ply. Persian yarn may be used to create sweater vests.

What weight yarn is used for needlepoint?

DK is heavier and would work on 13 or 14 mesh unless plied down. Sport weight or light worsted would most likely work on12 mesh. Worsted is a bit thicker than tapestry wool and would work best on 10 mesh. Any yarn heavier than worsted would need to be plied down to use for needlepoint.

Can you use silk and ivory on 18 mesh?

Like other silk/wool blend, the thread has many possibilities. You can use Silk & Ivory on canvas sizes 13/1 to 18/1. You may wish to make a test swatch to determine the strands required for your stitch.

Is Paternayan yarn still made?

Colonial Persian Yarn is the only existing yarn being produced with the original Paternayan palette. At this writing (10/1/2019), we have both yarns in stock and will automatically fill your order with the best match of available yarn.

How many strands do you use in needlepoint?

The six strands can be separated and then put back together to fit any shade or color combinations you desire.

Can I use acrylic yarn for needlepoint?

A fine single-strand yarn spun from either wool or acrylic; crewel yarn is much finer than Persian yarn. It is usually used for crewel embroidery, but can also be used as a needlepoint yarn.

How do you pick thread for needlepoint?

(We’ll keep things simple here and assume you’re working a basic needlepoint tent stitch on mono-canvas.) Generally speaking, smaller threads work best on smaller mesh and thicker threads work best on larger mesh.

How many threads do you use for needlepoint?

What is colonial wool?

Colonial Persian Yarn is produced by the original spinner of Paternayan Persian Yarn, using the same proprietary process. The yarn is spun from 100% long-staple virgin wool with extraordinary strength for no fraying or breaking during stitching.

What is tapestry yarn?

Tapestry Yarn is a soft tightly twisted 4-ply woolen or acrylic needlepoint thread that cannot be separated. It is used as one strand when working on large mesh sizes (#10 to #14) needlepoint canvas.