What is Peco Streamline?

What is Peco Streamline?

Peco Streamline is for the more experienced modeller. The range includes a wider variety of points and crossings, at different radii. The track flexes allowing the modeller to use it for straight track or any radius curve, to suit the needs of the model.

What is Peco Unifrog?

Summary: The PECO UNIFROG is a new turnout design from PECO. Out of the package, it will behave like the PECO Insulfrog turnout. PECO plans to replace their Electrofrog and Insulfrog products with the new Unifrog over time. Doing this allows PECO to eliminate two products and replace them with one.

What is OO9 scale?

OO9, often also denoted as 009 or 00-9 is a model railway scale and gauge combination of 4 mm scale and 9 mm (0.354 in) gauge tracks, which models a prototype track gauge of 2 ft 3 in (686 mm).

Can you use Hornby and PECO track together?

Peco Setrack and Peco Streamline are compatible with Hornby track as they all share the same gauge width of 16.5mm. The main differences are in the sleeper spacing and the sleeper colour. Apart from that, there is very little difference and they will interconnect with no problem.

What is the new N scale code 55 medium radius turnout?

Progressing on with our earlier commitment to introduce the UNIFROG format to our turnouts, the new N Scale Code 55 Medium Radius turnouts are now available. UNIFROG combines the features of both Insulfrog and Electrofrog.

Is the PECO unifrog a good choice for a turnout?

The frog is about the size of the Peco Insulfrog. This means that you possibly could avoid power routing the turnout and use it like an Insulfrog. Or you can power route it like the Peco Electrofrog. The Unifrog appears to be a mix of the best between the Insulfrog and Electrofrog.

When will the PECO Code 83 unifrog be available?

As of today (November 1, 2020) the Peco code 83 Unifrog line is not fully available. In code 83, it is available as a #6, crossover and a double-slip. It is available as a standard turnout in N-scale.

How do I connect the turnout to the stock rails?

The only solder connections you need to make to the turnout itself is to the stock rails. Peco has already connected a wire to the frog for you. The blue frog rail is tied directly to the blue stock rail. You will note a jumper around the frog for the rails I show in red. This connects the red frog, closure, and stock rail together.