What is power sharing short answer?

What is power sharing short answer?

Power sharing means the distribution of power among the organs of the government such as the legislature, executive, and judiciary. Power sharing helps in achieving the stability of political order. In power-sharing, power might even be shared at distinct levels such as union, state and local.

What important values does power sharing bring in democracy?

Power sharing is good because it helps to reduce the possibility of social conflict between social groups. Since social groups often lead to violence and political instability, power sharing is a good way to ensure the stability of political order. B. Power sharing is the very spirit of democracy.

What does democratic mean in politics?

What does democratic mean? Simply put, the lowercase democratic is a word used to refer to anything that resembles or has to do with a democracy, a form of government in which the supreme power rests with the people and is exercised by them directly or by politicians that they elect to represent them.

What is the role of democracy in modern society?

Democratic government, which is elected by and accountable to its citizens, protects individual rights so that citizens in a democracy can undertake their civic obligations and responsibilities, thereby strengthening the society as a whole.

How is power shared among different levels of government?

Power is shared among different organs of government, such as the legislature, executive and judiciary. This is called horizontal distribution of power because it allows different organs of government placed at the same level to exercise different powers.

What is power sharing what are its benefits?

POWER sharing helps to reduce the possibility of conflict between different social groups. A social conflict often leads to voilence and political instability power sharing helps to ensure the stability of political order. Thus it is obvious that sharing of power makes us more powerful.