What is STBC in MIMO?

What is STBC in MIMO?

Space time block coding (STBC) transmits multiple copies of one data flow in wireless communication. STBC combines all the copies of received signals to produce the useful data. The MIMO technology provides the system with the spatial multiplexing gain and spatial diversity gain.

What is the full form of Stbc?

Space–time block code, a form of space–time code used in wireless telecommunications.

What does Stbc stand for?


Acronym Definition
STBC Space-Time Block Code
STBC Star Trek Bridge Commander (video game)
STBC See-Through Black Cherry (product color code)
STBC Singapore Tenpin Bowling Congress

What is Stbc in WIFI?

Space-time block coding (STBC) is an optional feature in 802.11ac. It allows a transmitter to transfer multiple copies of data streams using a number of antennas. It also allows a receiver to select the best copy of data among those multiple copies to improve reliability.

How does the Alamouti coding improve performance?

As the number of transmit antennas increases, the complexity of full-rate full-diversity codes increases exponentially and, therefore, for higher number of antennas only the combination of Alamouti and SM is preferred to improve the performance while keeping the detection complexity reasonable.

When the MIMO channel is correlated the capacity of the link?

With four different channel matrices, the MIMO channel capacity will be different across each pattern configuration. The more the channel is correlated, the lower will be the channel capacity.

What is Alamouti space time block coding (STBC)?

In this post, lets discuss a popular transmit diversity scheme called Alamouti Space Time Block Coding (STBC). For the discussion, we will assume that the channel is a flat fading Rayleigh multipath channel and the modulation is BPSK.

Is Ber for Alamouti STBC same as MRC?

Since the estimate of the transmitted symbol with the Alamouti STBC scheme is identical to that obtained from MRC, the BER with above described Alamouti scheme should be same as that for MRC. However, there is a small catch. With Alamouti STBC, we are transmitting from two antenna’s.

What is the Alamouti + Alamouti Code?

This code is called “Alamouti + Alamouti.” In addition to rate 1, eSM is specified for rate 2. Turning now to the MIMO extension of DVB-SH, the code design focuses on the situation where the two transmitters employ identical data.

How does Alamouti space-time code achieve the full transmit diversity?

As orthogonal in nature this Alamouti space-time code can achieve the full transmit diversity of Nt = 2. In general simulation results shows the bit-error-rate (BER) versus signal-to-noise-ratio (Eb/No) performance for Alamouti transmit diversity scheme on slow fading channels.