What is sterling silver bezel?

What is sterling silver bezel?

Bezel settings are findings that have a raised rim of metal around the edge to form a cup and hold different kinds of craft mediums like clay, resin, and glue. Wholesale Jewelry Supply also carries bezel settings in Antique Brass Plate and genuine Silver plate.

What is Sterling bezel?

Tubes & Bezels Tube and bezel settings in sterling silver or gold filled are used in jewelry making to mount stones primarily. Tube settings are heavier weight and are used for facet cut gemstones. Bezel settings and bezel cups are used more for cabochons or resin & glass mounting.

What is a bezel in jewelry making?

Bezels or cabochon settings are a great finding to use when incorporating flat back, undrilled materials, like cabochons or flat back crystals into jewelry. Bezels construction consists of a back and a wall (the bezel). The back supports the object being set and can either be a ”closed back” or ”open back” style.

How do I choose a bezel wire?


  1. Measure the thickness of the stone’s edge.
  2. Select a commercially available bezel wire with a width that is no more than one millimeter more than the height of your stone’s edge.
  3. When holding the wire up to the edge of your stone, it should be just slightly taller.

How thick should bezel wire be?

Most bezel wire is between 28-30 gauge thickness, though you can get it up to 22 gauge in thickness, but that is only for straight bezel wire. Bezel wire is made of fine silver because it is a softer metal and is much easier to push over the stone than sterling.

What are metal bezels?

This stone setting is a popular way for jewelry items, particularly rings, to hold gemstones and diamonds without the use of prongs. In a bezel set piece of jewelry, the metal bezel setting entirely surrounds the gemstone or diamond.

How do I know what size bezel wire to use?

How to make a statement with sterling silver jewelry?

Select a heat source. After sculpting the clay,you’ll need to fire it at high heat in order to burn away the the binding material and leave only the

  • Purchase sterling silver clay. You may need to order this online,as not many art stores have it in stock.
  • Form the clay into the design of your choice.
  • Dry and sand the clay.
  • Is platinum jewelry better than sterling silver?

    Platinum is much denser than pure sterling silver and this can be felt when biting down. Although you will not be able to bite through either of them, and this is not the point, you will detect the denser of the two. Place the jewelry pieces of a similar shape and size on a digital scale, one at a time. Weigh them and notice which one is heavier.

    How to identify sterling silver vs. plated silver?

    Composition. There is a huge difference between silver plated items and sterling silver in terms of their composition.

  • Identification.
  • Appearance and Weight.
  • Durability.
  • Price and Value.
  • What is the best, sterling silver or plated silver?

    The current price of silver. As a commodity,silver goes up and down in value.

  • The age and rarity of the pattern. Silver patterns come in and out of popularity.
  • If there are monograms. Initials marking the silver lower its value.
  • The individual pieces of flatware. Forks,knives,and spoons are easier for collectors to find.
  • If you have a complete setting.