What is Super 2 phase show jumping?

What is Super 2 phase show jumping?

SUPER TWO PHASE – run under Table A: The course consists of 11-13 jumps and two phases that run without interruption. The first phase is 5-7 jumps that are completed not against the clock.

What does AM5 mean in show jumping?

2 (AM5) A competition against the clock, but in the event of equality of penalties for first place, there will be one jump off against the clock. Other athletes are placed according to their penalties and time in the first round.

How many jumps are there in showjumping?

The average show jumping track contains 10 to 12 jumping obstacles per round that is usually followed by a shortened course of 6 jumps over time. The number of jumps will depend on the class, the heights of the jumps, and levels that are being ridden at a competition.

What level is 2 * eventing?

Two-star. What it involves: This level is similar to that of BE novice and intermediate. The dressage tests include leg-yielding, rein-back and medium paces. The showjumping is up to 1.15m in height and the cross-country phase has a maximum height of 1.10m.

What is Scurry show jumping?

Scurry Driving, as seen in Figure 1, is a fast-paced equestrian event where a pair of dual- harnessed ponies pull a pair of drivers around a course or track on a small buggy or carriage to compete for the fastest time. The general age of an animal to compete varies by how training progresses.

How many fault do you get per knocked down pole in show jumping?

four faults
Modern rules Jumping Penalties: Jumping penalties are assessed for refusals and knockdowns, with each refusal or knockdown adding four faults to a competitor’s score. Penalties for knockdowns are imposed only when the knockdown changes the height or width of the jump.

How many faults do u get per knocked down pole in show jumping?

A jumping fault, or when a rail is knocked down when going over the jump, is worth four faults. A time fault is when a rider does not complete the course in the time allowed set by the course designer. For every second over the time allowed, one time fault is allotted.

What is Table A in showjumping?

Table A is when jumping faults or the first refusal generate 4 penalty points.

What height is Olympic show jumping?

Run under International Federation for Equestrian Sports (FEI) rules, the horse jumps a course of 10 to 16 obstacles, with heights up to 1.6 meters (5 feet 3 inches) and spreads of up to 2.0 metres (6 ft 7 in).

How many jumps is a full course?

Courses are usually made out of 8-16 jumps. You’ll want to make sure you can control your horse and complete a course. A show jumping course can consist of turns, angles, combinations, certain stride-lengths, and intimidating jumps.