What is swage in reloading?

What is swage in reloading?

To “Swage” is to form projectiles — bullets, not loaded cartridges — using high pressure at room temperature to flow materials in the cavity of a diamond-lapped, high precision die. When you SWAGE a bullet, you expand it to a slightly larger size in a pressure-sealed die. You can draw down, but you always swage up.

Who dies bullet swaging?

If this is the style you want to make, you can do it with two dies in any Corbin press (the csw-1. htm core swage and the CS-1 core seater).

What is a swaging press?

In contrast, a swage press is made so the die goes in the ram. This means you simply DROP the component into the upward facing die mouth. Gravity is on YOUR side with the swage press. Then, you raise the ram, engaging the external punch automatically, as it is held in a floating punch holder in the press head.

How is swaging done?

Swaging is a process that is used to reduce or increase the diameter of tubes and/or rods. This is done by placing the tube or rod inside a die that applies compressive force by hammering radially. Thus, the inner diameter can be a different shape, for example a hexagon, and the outer is still circular.

What is a swage tool?

What are Swaging Tools? Swaging tools use pressure to expand or stretch the end of a piece of copper tubing so it can fit over another of the same diameter and make a permanent brazed connection. Swaged ends tend to have a cylindrical shape.

What are the advantages of a swaging press?

Benefits of Swaging Machines Tubes can also be easily crimped together. Less Material is Used – As the material is hammered, it is displaced longitudinally as opposed to being chipped away wastefully. Saves on Labor – Highly skilled operators are not essential.

How do swages work?

swage, Perforated cast-iron or steel block with grooved sides, used by metalworkers for shaping their work by holding it on the work (or the work on it) and striking with a hammer or sledge. Swage blocks are used in heading bolts and swaging bars by hand.

How do you swage a bullet?

Cut the core

  • Swage the core
  • Seat the core
  • Form the point
  • Finish the tip
  • How to swage a bullet?


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  • MichaelK. Here’s some .35 caliber bullets I made out of .223 cases.
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  • How to Swag bullets?

    Cut the core to length, swage to uniform, seat in the jacket, then swage the bullet to form it. Much easier than casting. I used to cast commercially and swaging is a lot more fun and easier. Using .22 rimfire jackets to make .224 bullet means it costs me $25 to make 4,300 bullets.

    Does swaging a cast bullet improve accuracy?

    halves. Swaging does not permit this, as the bullet must go in and come out the same hole. {Cast bullets with lube grooves are generally cited as the reason for casting rather than swaging. But the time required to melt lead, cast bullets, sort them, and then lube/size them, is more than it takes to roll grooves or apply diamond knurling to a