What is Telecontrol Basic?

What is Telecontrol Basic?

TeleControl Basic is based on SIMATIC S7-1200 and secure transmission via mobile radio or the Internet. Together with the GPRS communication processor, the S7-1200 CPU supports simple Telecontrol applications for monitoring and control of distributed stations using general packet radio service (GPRS).

What is telecontrol server?

TeleControl Server Basic. Software package for the PC, comprising: OPC (UA) server, connection manager and configuration software for telecontrol and teleservice tasks for the following station types: SIMATIC S7-1200/S7-200, ET200SP and RTU family SIMATIC RTU3000C.

What is Siemens telecontrol?

Telecontrol solutions from Siemens Telecontrol refers to the connection of process stations spread out over a wide area to central control systems. Our telecontrol systems are based on SIMATIC and supplementary hardware and software.

What is the purpose of industrial telecontrol?

It enables production lines, facilities and assets to be compared from a single integrated operations platform and from any place or device. Furthermore, it supports multiple users with different permissions. It is easy and intuitive to use, and it does not require prior knowledge of programming.

Which are the basic elements of industrial control systems?

2.2 Industrial Control System Functional Components

  • 1 Programmable Logic Controller.
  • 2 Remote Terminal Unit.
  • 3 Intelligent Electronic Device.
  • 4 Engineering Workstation.
  • 5 Human Machine Interface.
  • 6 Data Historian.
  • 7 Communications Gateways.
  • 8 Front End Processor.

What are the 5 basic elements of control system?

A feedback control system consists of five basic components: (1) input, (2) process being controlled, (3) output, (4) sensing elements, and (5) controller and actuating devices.

What are the 3 elements required in control system?

The constitution of a closed-loop control system is discussed in chapter 1; the basic system is defined in terms of three elements, the error detector, the controller and the output element.

How to configure S7 to connect to a telecontrol server?

Enter the address (IP address / host name) of the telecontrol server (or the router) in the address line of the Web browser either via the HTTP or HTTPS protocol: – http:// – https:// When selecting the protocol, make sure that it is enabled in the configuration of the S7 station.

What is the telecontrol basic system?

The TeleControl Basic system uses TeleControl Server Basic in the control center as an OPC server. The software connects the HMI system (such as WinCC, PCS 7, or WinCC OA) to the Remote Terminal Units (RTUs). The system supports modular RTUs based on SIMATIC S7-1200 and ET 200SP as well as the compact SIMATIC RTU3000C RTUs.

What is Simatic PCS 7 telecontrol?

With SIMATIC PCS 7 TeleControl, you can easily integrate remote, distributed stations into the PCS 7 control system. In terms of operating philosophy and alarm characteristics, the operator is not aware of any difference between central and remote automation. Would you like detailed information?

What are the technical requirements for access to the telecontrol server?

Required for access by the engineering station to the telecontrol server Entry on the engineering station – IP address of the telecontrol server or the router connected to the Internet Entry on the engineering station TeleControl Server Basic Operating Instructions, 10/2015, C79000-G8976-C310-02 31 Installation and commissioning 3