What is the best gun in Dead Space 1?

What is the best gun in Dead Space 1?

12 Of The Best Weapons In The Dead Space Franchise

  • 8 Contact Beam.
  • 7 Ripper.
  • 6 Flamethrower.
  • 5 Slam Chop.
  • 4 Force Gun.
  • 3 Javelin Gun.
  • 2 Detonator. The Detonator is a gun that fires laser-trip mines.
  • 1 Pulse Rifle. The pulse rifle can be considered a regular assault rifle.

Is the Line Gun good Dead Space?

Dead Space 2 During Multiplayer, the Line Gun is extremely effective against Pack and Lurkers, and the other Necromorphs at close range. It will kill a Pack in one shot.

Is the pulse rifle Good Dead Space 1?

The Pulse Rifle is generally an overall poor choice throughout Dead Space: Extraction’s ‘normal’ gameplay portions, as the weapon is considerably weaker than in Extraction’s predecessor, including in areas which it excelled in Dead Space, though its alt-fire does make it useful for taking care of Lurkers, Exploders and …

What should you upgrade first in Dead Space?

I would absolutely recommend upgrading your plasma cutter first; figure out the path that will get all the damage upgrades in the shortest number of nodes and follow that one. Once you do that, either focus on your rig or figure out what other weapon you like.

Which is better line gun or pulse rifle?

Line Gun is better overall. For the basic Slashers and Scorpions (or “Leapers”, as some call them), one shot from the Line Gun will kill them instantly if you hit both arms. That being said, the Pulse Rifle isn’t that bad, either, but it’s more comparable to the Plasma Cutter than the Line Gun.

Is the pulse rifle good in Dead Space 1?

Should I upgrade my stasis weapons?

Once you do that, either focus on your rig or figure out what other weapon you like. I found stasis upgrades to be the least useful; something only to take when you don’t know where else to put your nodes.

How many weapons should I upgrade in a single playthrough?

I’d also recommend focusing on only 3 weapons in a single playthrough. Every weapon in the game is fully viable when fully upgraded (except perhaps the flamethrower IMO), so figure out a weapon to upgrade and upgrade it all the way to the end. Trust me, using upgraded weapons makes the game both much easier and much more enjoyable.

What is the point of the space gun?

Quite an impressive range makes it a great weapon for fighting large groups of enemies. A single shot on leg level should effectively slow down charging foes. In the alternate fire mode ( Space) the gun produces a small orb of energy that explodes after few seconds damaging everything around.

Which damage upgrade should I buy first (DMG)?

Buy damage upgrades first ( DMG ), considering the beam width ( WID) as the second most important. This choice may seem controversial for some, as the flamethrower is rarely useful, but it’s irreplaceable when fighting the small, crawling necromorphs.