What is the best rig for catfish?

What is the best rig for catfish?

egg sinker slip rig
The egg sinker slip rig is, hands down, the most popular rig for still fishing catfish. Consisting of an egg sinker on the main line held in place above the hook by a lead shot, this rig is ideal for keeping the bait near the bottom, which in turn, allows a catfish to swim off with the bait with little tension.

What is a fixed bolt rig?

A fixed rig is when whatever you are using as a weight i.e. feeder or bomb cannot free itself if the line breaks above the ‘rig’.

How do you tie a main line to a rig?

How to tie a main line rig

  1. Tie an overhand loop with the bait floss.
  2. Thread corn on the the floss using a baiting needle and secure with a Hair stop.
  3. Thread on 5mm of silicone tubing.
  4. Thread silicone on to the hook.
  5. Tie Knotless Knot.
  6. Trim bait floss and blob with a lighter.
  7. Cut 8 inches of main line of your choice.

What are floating rigs for catfish?

Floating rigs, or float rigs as they are often called, are designed to keep your bait just off the bottom. This is great since catfish are often in muddy waters, a traditional bottom rig is likely to get stuck in the mud which will decrease the scent. Float rigs prevent this, which is why they are so widely used among catfish anglers.

What is a three-way rig for catfish?

The three-way rig gets your bait and your weight further apart. It’s ideal for fishing catfish in heavier currents because it keeps the bait in place to entice catfish. It’s also effectively used in still waters too though such as lakes and ponds. If you’re fishing a big river for catfish, this might be a rig you want to have in your arsenal.

How to rig a pole float for cat fishing?

A floating rig prevents that by getting the bait up off the bottom a couple inches for maximum visibility. To rig it, just rig up a Carolina rig, but then add a 1 or 2 inch inline cigar float to the Carlisle Pole Float leader before you tie on the hook. This will float the bait up off the bottom just enough to attract curious cats.

How to fish for catfish with a Carolina rig?

Carolina rigs are pretty simple to use, especially for targeting catfish. Once you have your rig properly set up, cast it into the area the catfish are likely to be feeding in. Then, gently move your rod from left to right to very slowly move your bait along the bottom. If there are feeding catfish in the area, this should entice them to bite.