What is the Bilderberg Group?

What is the Bilderberg Group?

Founded by an Ex-Nazi and an Agent of the Vatican The co-founders of the Bilderberg Group were two historical figures with checkered backgrounds. They were Prince Bernhard from the Netherlands and Józef Retinger who was a political advisor, originally from Poland, who worked with the Vatican.

How often does the Bilderberg Group meet?

The Bilderberg Group meets once every year. The last meeting, at the time of this writing, was held in June 2016 at the Taschenbergpalais hotel that is located in Dresden. Up to 150 of the world’s wealthiest and most powerful political leaders attend the annual event.

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Why does the Bilderberg Group want to destroy the dollar?

The Bilderberg Group understands that the destruction of the U.S. dollar is necessary in order to replace it with a world currency. The bankers have been eroding the value of the U.S. dollar for a very long time. A dollar is worth less than 2% of what a U.S. dollar was worth one hundred years ago.

The inaugural meeting was in Oosterbeek, Netherlands at the Bilderberg Hotel, from which the group got its name. Annual attendees — 80 of the world’s most powerful people — are members. The rest are chosen by the group’s Steering Committee. Some attendees are invited occasionally because of their knowledge or involvement in relevant topics.

What is the real agenda of the Bilderbergs?

Obviously, the Bilderbergs, Freemasons, and Skull and Bones fraternity have considerable sway in global politics. Again, it’s impossible to say what their agendas really are. We only know that they work towards their own ends, using their insider status and unscrupulous means for their own profit and empowerment.

How powerful are the Bilderbergs in the United States?

The groups are also responsible for spawning a huge number of CIA directors and Treasury Secretaries. So clearly, the Bilderbergs have considerable influence in the United States and the world at large.

Did the Bilderbergs steal the 2020 election?

Every major war and conflict in the past 100 years was a Bilderberg War, like we saw after 4 years of people with Trump, suddenly Deep State Democrats are starting up the wars again. The Bilderbergs stole the 2020 election and are now in control of our country. What would our Founders have done?

What happened to the Bilderberg Group after Brexit?

Two weeks after the June 2016 Bilderberg meeting, the Bilderberg Group faced another setback when the UK voted to leave the EU. The Bilderberg Group is in the process of regrouping, yet certainly has not been stopped with continuing plans to achieve their goals. The Bilderberg Group supported the formation of the EU and plans to do more.

Why does the Bilderberg Group like perpetual wars?

The Bilderberg Group, started by an ex-Nazi, likes to see the continuation of perpetual wars because they are so profitable and they can fund the needs of both sides. Even if a nuclear war breaks out, there are huge underground cities that are completely self-contained, where the elite could live safely.