What is the difference between CPF0000 and cpf9999?

What is the difference between CPF0000 and cpf9999?

MONMSG MSGID(CFP9999) monitors this message only, “Function check. MONMSG MSGID(CFP0000) monitors every escape message beginning with CPF. The help for most commands will list the escape messages associated with tha command.

What is CPF0000?

Monitors for every message with a generic message identifier that begins with a specific licensed program ( ppp ). For example, CPF0000 indicates that all notify, status, and escape messages beginning with CPF are monitored. Monitors for function check messages.

What is Monmsg in as400?

The Monitor Message (MONMSG) command is used to monitor escape, notify, and status messages sent to the program message queue of the program in which the command is used. Other message types (completion, diagnostic, etc.) cannot be monitored.

How do I view a message file in as400?

Using WRK-MSGD, you can see that message file QCPFMSG contains many messages, as listed in Figure 2. You can use the blank at the top of the screen to position the display to a particular message number. Examining this list closely would reveal many messages that you see daily when working on an AS/400.

How do I view end of file in CL?

The CL program or ILE CL procedure receives a record sequentially from the database file named INPUT. The procedure monitors for the end-of-file exception CPF0864 and goes to label EOF when the message is received.

What is * PSSR in as400?

To handle a program error or exception you can write a program error subroutine (*PSSR). The program status data structure is updated. If an indicator is not specified in positions 73 and 74 for the operation code, the error is handled and control is transferred to the *PSSR.

What is message file in as400?

Message is information that is communicated between users, programs and workstation. Since it is not defined in the system, it will not have message-id or message file. All impromptu messages are supplied message text with the message command itself.

How do I create a message file in as400?

Message file (MSGF) Specify the name of the message file being created. The current library for the job is used to create the message file. If no current library entry exists in the library list, the QGPL library is used. Specify the library where the message file is to be created.

How do I open a CL file?

To use a file in a CL procedure or program, you must:

  1. Format the display or database record, identifying fields and conditions which you enter as DDS source.
  2. Create the file using the Create Display File (CRTDSPF) command, Create Physical File (CRTPF) command, or Create Logical File (CRTLF) command.

Can we update a file in CL?

Update equivalent Line 7: If the value in the file field &ANIMAL is the same as my key field value… Lines 8 – 10: I execute a SQL Update to FILE1 changing the value of the field TYPE when the key field, ANIMAL is equal to the value in the key field variable. DCLF – Declare file command. RCVF – Receive file command.

What is Pssr in Rpgle?

Code a program error subroutine, which is named *PSSR, for program exceptions. Note that a *PSSR is local to the procedure in which it is coded. This means that a *PSSR in a main procedure will handle only those program errors associated with the main procedure.