What is the highest attendance at Odsal Stadium?

What is the highest attendance at Odsal Stadium?

The stadium’s highest attendance was 102,569 in 1954 for the Warrington-Halifax Challenge Cup Final replay, and for a domestic, non-final, Rugby League match, 69,429 at the third round Challenge Cup tie between Bradford Northern and Huddersfield in 1953.

How big is rugby league in England?

Even in England, though, are just roughly 100,000 players at amateur and professional level combined compared to almost 2 million rugby union participants.

When was Odsal Stadium built?

September 1, 1934Odsal Stadium / Opened

How big is Bradford Stadium?

113 yd × 70 yd
It has also been home to Bradford (Park Avenue) for one season, and Bradford Bulls rugby league side for two seasons, as well as host to a number of England youth team fixtures….Valley Parade.

Field size 113 yd × 70 yd (103 m × 64 m)
Surface Grass
Opened 1886

Who plays at Odsal Stadium?

Bradford Bulls
If you think about rugby league, one of the most iconic stadiums you think of first is Odsal. Home to the Bradford Bulls, Odsal played host to the largest attendance at a rugby match ever recorded with over 100,000 piling onto the terraces at a Challenge Cup replay between Halifax and Warrington.

Who has scored the most tries England rugby league?

Danny McGuire

Rank Player Tries
1 Danny McGuire 247
2 Ryan Hall 212
3= Keith Senior 199
3= Paul Wellens 199

Where is Rugby Union most popular in England?

It is a very popular sport in North Cheshire, Merseyside, Greater Manchester, West Yorkshire and Humberside. It is seen as the working man’s game and is brutal. Union is played all over England with the West Country, London and home counties and South Midlands being the hotbeds.

What is Bradford City stadium called?

Bradford City Ticket OfficeBradford City AFC / Arena/Stadium

What is the world record for the 2013 Rugby League World Cup?

The 2013 Rugby League World Cup Final at the Old Trafford stadium in Manchester, England, drew a world record international rugby league attendance of 74,468. Australia def. New Zealand 34–2

What has happened to attendance at Wakefield in the 2010s?

Wakefield have endured something of an attendance rollercoaster over the 2010s, with things looking up early in the decade before falling back to earth with a bump. Though, again, this picked up towards the end of the decade. Trinity’s home fixture against Castleford in 2006 still holds the record at 11,000 in the so-called “Battle of Belle Vue”.

What is happening to Wigan’s attendances?

Wigan’s attendances have been on a steady decline for the past five seasons, dropping from first to the fourth-best supported team in the country by 2019. That’s even more remarkable when considering that no other team have won or reached as many Grand Finals in the 2010s as Wigan have.

What was Airlie’s highest attendance at a single game?

Of course, the Hull derby was perhaps always going to be the number one result here with the Airlie Birds’ highest attendance sitting at 23,004 against KR in 2007.