What is the maximum size of POST request?

What is the maximum size of POST request?

The default value of the HTTP and HTTPS connector maximum post size is 2MB. However you can adjust the value as per your requirement. The below command to set the connector to accept maximum 100,000 bytes. If the http request POST size exceeds the 100,000 bytes then connector return HTTP/1.1 400 Bad Request.

How much data can you post?

There is no defined limit, according to the RFC. If you are using a web browser for GET , then you are generally going to be limited to around 2K for the full URL. For POST , you are unlikely to hit a limit at any practical level.

How do you send data using POST method?

To send data using the HTTP POST method, you must include the data in the body of the HTTP POST message and specify the MIME type of the data with a Content-Type header. Below is an example of an HTTP POST request to send JSON data to the server. The size and data type for HTTP POST requests is not limited.

Does uploading use a lot of data?

Yes, uploads count towards your data cap for almost all internet providers, both mobile and home. So, not only do you have to take into consideration how much you download, but also how much you upload, which for many user can be much harder to mentally parse.

How much data does sending a photo use?


Photo description Approximate file size/data usage
Normal (800 * 480) thumbnail 125 KB (or about 8 per MB data)
Large (1376 * 768) thumbnail 345 KB (or about 3 per MB data)
4 MP HD photo (2688 * 1520) 1.8 MB
8 MP HD photo (3840 * 2160) 2.0 MB

What is the maximum size of HTTP response?

There is no technical limit to the size of a HTTP body.

What is the size limit for a form post?

The HTTP specification doesn’t impose a specific size limit for posts. They will usually be limited by either the web server or the programming technology used to process the form submission. No limit by specification. The limit is MIN(browser_limit,server_limit).

What is the maximum size of POST request in PHP?

By default, the post request has maximum size of 8mb. But you can modify it according to your requirements. The modification can be done by opening php.ini file (php configuration setting). replace 8 according to your requirements. Show activity on this post.

How to post large amount of data in a post?

You can post large amount of data by setting php.ini variable: max_input_vars Default size of this variable is 1000 but if you want to sent large amount of data you have to increase the size accordingly.

How do I change the size of a post_max_size file?

Press CTRL + W again and search for post_max_size and change the value to 64M (for 64 megabytes) or whatever value you require. Save file and exit. (Press CTRL + X, press Y and then press ENTER ).