What is the most reliable full size passenger van?

What is the most reliable full size passenger van?

But there are two vans that consistently offer the best value for any passenger or cargo operation: Ford Transit and Ram ProMaster. Both vehicles can accommodate passengers and cargo while reducing costs through reliability and efficiency.

Who makes the best 15 passenger van?

15 Passenger Vans By Space

  • Ford Transit Connect Wagon – 120.6 cubic feet (165.9 cubic feet for the long wheelbase)
  • Nissan NV200 Taxi – 138 cubic feet.
  • Kia Sedona – 142 cubic feet.
  • Dodge Grand Caravan – 156.1-163.5 cubic feet.
  • Chrysler Town & Country – 163.5 cubic feet.
  • Toyota Sienna – 164 cubic feet.

How many bags can a 15 passenger van hold?

By removing the back bench, the former 15-passenger van becomes a great vehicle for transporting 11 people AND their luggage, equipment, instruments, or golf bags.

Does Avis have a 15 passenger van?

Avis also carries 12-passenger vans, and minivans if you are wanting something a little smaller. Our 15-passenger vans also feature sliding doors, for easy loading and a spacious and comfortable interior. Book your 15-passenger van rental with Avis today and keep the whole group together while traveling.

What is a 12-passenger van rental?

A 12-passenger van rental lets you avoid the hassle of caravaning vehicles or meeting up at destinations. Both 12-passenger and 15-passenger van rental options like the Ford Transit or Chevrolet Express provide plenty of room for passengers and cargo.

Can you rent a 12 passenger van from Chevy?

Thanks to its spacious interior and comfortable seating, the Chevy Express 12-passenger van rental is perfect for large group transportation needs. Vehicle make, model, trim, features and color are not guaranteed and are subject to location and availability. Vehicles listed for this car group are subject to change at anytime.

What is the best 12 passenger van to buy?

The Best 12 Passenger Van for Business and Family. 1 Ford Transit Passenger. This Ford 12 passenger van comes in XL or XLT trims, both of which start with 16-inch wheels. A long-wheelbase model can 2 Nissan NV 3500 Passenger. 3 Ram ProMaster Passenger. 4 GMC Savana Passenger. 5 Chevrolet Express Passenger Van.