What is the movie Hessen Conspiracy about?

What is the movie Hessen Conspiracy about?

The movie was released on DVD as The Hessen Conspiracy. Immediately after World War II, two American officers (played by Bill Zane and Lyne Renee) are stationed in Frankfurt, Germany, killing time in the fancy Kronberg Castle.

Is the Hessen Affair a good movie?

Even though there is not much to hate or dislike about The Hessen Affair, it is not an high-quality production movie. So it’s best to have least expectations before watching it; and consider that as it says at the opening scene the film is based on a true story.

Who was associated with Hess and implicated in his flight?

The Duke of Hamilton was associated with Hess and implicated in his flight Upon being captured in Scotland, Hess gave a false name and said he had an important message for the Douglas Douglas-Hamilton, the Duke of Hamilton, a fellow aviator whom he had never met.

How did Alfred Hess escape from Schiphol in 1941?

There is no mention of Hess or the plane in control tower log books from Schiphol on 10 May 1941, and there was intensive security at the airport at the time following an escape five days earlier by two Dutchmen in a twin-engined Fokker G-1 long-range fighter intended for delivery to the Luftwaffe.

What happened to Princess Christoph of Hesse’s treasure?

They discover there a cache of priceless jewels, formerly owned by Sophie, Princess Christoph of Hesse and the former German Imperial royal family. But when the two lovers try to smuggle the treasure back in the US and sell it, their plans become quickly complicated by military investigators and violent criminals.

What secret information does Tarlton Flash to Sophie von Hessen?

Tarlton flashes this secret information to German Princess Sophie Von Hessen, who sends a letter to U.S Army Colonel Jack Durant declaring that she is the owner of the treasury. In a little while Hitler goes off the deep end, so the war draws to a close.