What is the name of the Ukrainian TV channel?

What is the name of the Ukrainian TV channel?

Espreso TV (Ukrainian) Espreso TV is a privatly owned TV channel from Kiev, Ukraine. It was founded in 2013. It mainly broadcasts the most current and most relevant news to people in Ukraine, to Ukrainians living abroad, and to all others interested in what is happening in Ukraine.

What is Ukraine 24?

Ukraine 24 is a nationwide information and analytical TV channel for the creation of which the consolidated capabilities of all the assets of Media Group Ukraine. The TV channel is always frank with the viewer 24/7 and objectively reports only honest news. . Zik TV (Ukrainian)

Will Ukrainian natural gas transport system burst at any time?

Putin again says that Ukrainian natural gas transport system is obsolete and could burst any time, so supply of gas to Europe will be halted At today’s EUUkraineSummit, @vonderleyen and @eucopresident met with President @ZelenskyyUa in Kyiv.

What is Channel 4?

Channel 4 is a news channel. The channel claims to be there for people with an active life position who do not care where and how they live. Who want and are ready to change their lives, fight for their rights, and who need to know what their city and country live. . Espreso TV (Ukrainian)

What do satellite images reveal about Russia’s military operations in Ukraine?

New satellite images from Maxar Technologies on Wednesday showed that in several regions near Ukraine, Russian forces are consolidating and adding to their positions. Several units that had been gathered in camps in southern Belarus have been dispersed.

Should the west be concerned about the actions of Ukraine?

“If the West is truly committed to reducing the military danger, it should be concerned about the actions of Ukraine and its patrons, because they are the ones who have created it. The continued military development by NATO countries on Ukrainian territory by supplying Ukraine with large quantities of weapons is an example of the escalation of t…