What is the OSCOLA referencing system?

What is the OSCOLA referencing system?

OSCOLA is a footnote referencing style. That means that you have small superscript numbers in your text (e.g. 1, 2, 3, etc.) and these link to footnotes at the bottom of each page. This is in addition to your footnotes.

Does OSCOLA referencing need a bibliography?

You must always include a bibliography. Every reference you include in your footnotes must also be in your bibliography. There may be additional sources in your bibliography which do not appear in your footnotes (sources you have used in the preparation of your work but have not referred to directly).

Who uses OSCOLA referencing?

The Oxford University Standard for Citation of Legal Authorities (OSCOLA) is designed to facilitate accurate citation of authorities, legislation, and other legal materials. It is widely used in law schools and by journal and book publishers in the UK and beyond.

How do I reference an OSCOLA report?

Law Commission Report

  1. To create a reference to a Law Commission report, you should include Law Commission, followed by the title in italics and the Law Commission report number and year in brackets.
  2. Format: Law Commission, Report Title (Law Commission report number, year) paragraph number.

How do you cite a website in OSCOLA bibliography?

To reference information from a website,you should include the author’s name, the webpage title and then the website name and publication date in brackets. You should end with the URL and accessed date. Format: Author, ‘ Webpage’ (Website, publication date) accessed date.

What goes in a bibliography?

In general, a bibliography should include:

  • the authors’ names.
  • the titles of the works.
  • the names and locations of the companies that published your copies of the sources.
  • the dates your copies were published.
  • the page numbers of your sources (if they are part of multi-source volumes)

What is bibliography with example?

A bibliography is a list of works (such as books and articles) written on a particular subject or by a particular author. Adjective: bibliographic. Also known as a list of works cited, a bibliography may appear at the end of a book, report, online presentation, or research paper.

What exactly is a bibliography?

What is a bibliography? The term bibliography is the term used for a list of sources (e.g. books, articles, websites) used to write an assignment (e.g. an essay). It usually includes all the sources consulted even if they not directly cited (referred to) in the assignment.