What is the plot of the dinner party by Mona Gardner?

What is the plot of the dinner party by Mona Gardner?

“The Dinner Party” by Mona Gardner is about a party in India, in which a colonel and a girl argue about how women act in a crisis. An American naturalist who is at the party is watching the argument and sees the hostess, who is acting strangely, gesture for a bowl of milk to be put outside the door.

Which factor contributes most to zaroff’s defeat?

In the conflict with Rainsford, what factor contributes to Zaroff’s defeat? It is Zaroff’s overconfidence. Zaroff is a braggart and a bully. This is what contributed to his defeat.

What is the main conflict of the dinner party?

The conflict of this story is that there is a cobra (antagonist) in the dinner room, which no one is aware of. So, the American must devise a way to keep all of the guests calm and still so that the cobra does not bite any of them, while also trying to get the cobra to go to the bowl of milk outside on the veranda.

What is the irony in the dinner party?

What was the irony of the dinner party? An example of dramatic irony is when the reader knew that the snake was present and the characters didn’t. The hostess, who knew the whole time and stayed calm was the reason she proved the colonel wrong. ?

Who is the protagonist of the dinner party?

Who is Mona Gardner? Mona Gardner.

What is the purpose of the climax in a story?

In literary terms, the definition of climax is the highest point of tension in a storyline, often depicted by a confrontation between the protagonist and antagonist. A climax resolves the main conflict of the story and is the moment the main character reaches—or fails to reach—their goal.

What is the resolution to the most dangerous game?

The Resolution of a story is the outcome of the conflict. The resolution of “The Most Dangerous Game” is when Rainsford announces to General Zaroff that he is “a beast at bay.” By this, he means that he is no longer the prey; he is the hunter, and he is furious and ready to strike.

Where can I watch most dangerous game 2020?

“Most Dangerous Game” (Quibi) The thriller on Quibi, the new quick-bite streaming service, has two things going for it: Christoph Waltz in all his scene-chewing glory and the story is told 10-minute chunks, which makes the ridiculousness go down a whole lot smoother.

What is the meaning of climax and examples?

It is the highest point of emotional intensity and the moment when the action of the story turns toward the conclusion. Often the climax is recognized as the most exciting part of a story. Examples of Climax: In Romeo and Juliet, the climax is often recognized as being the moment when Romeo kills Tybalt.

What is the resolution of the dinner party?

Resolution: The hostess claim that the snake had crawled over her foot.

How is the conflict between Rainsford and zaroff resolved?

The conflict between Rainsford and Zaroff is brought about by Zaroff’s irrational desire to hunt and animal of intelligence, a bill which Rainsford readily fills. It is resolved when a more intelligent Rainsford out thinks Zaroff and overcomes him in his own bedroom at the end of the story.

What is the theme of a dangerous game?

Violence and Cruelty is the main theme of “The Most Dangerous Game” “The violence of his malicious host, General Zaroff, initially shocks Rainsford, but as he fights to stay alive he becomes caught up in Zaroff’s game.

What event happens last in the most dangerous game?

Rainsford ends up killing the general in one-on-one combat and rests peacefully in Zaroff’s bed that night. At the end of the story General Zaroff believes that Rainsford has simply given up and jumped off the cliffs and into the sea to meet his death.

What is the plot of most dangerous game?

Plot: The Most Dangerous Game is a suspenseful adventure story about celebrated hunter Sanger Rainsford. After falling overboard while sailing to a hunting vacation, Rainsford washes ashore on Ship-Trap Island, an eerie place.

What is the theme of the short story The dinner party?

The theme of the short story The Dinner is that both men and women are equally courageous and can have control of a situation.

What is the climax of the story the dinner party?

Climax: The snake leaves the room, the American scientist slams the doors, and everyone realizes that there is a snake and screams. Falling Action: The host comments on the way the American scientist reacts to a situation.

What point of view is the dinner party?

The story is told from a third-person limited point of view. The reader is briefly made aware of the American’s impressions/perspective.

What is the most important event in the most dangerous game?

The most important event in the whole story has to be when Rainsford finds out that Zaroff is a human hunter for fun because he is bored from the fact that animals have no reasoning. The other important event is when Rainsford is the one being hunted and it may change his reasoning to hunting and scar him for life.