What is the role of farmers in our life?

What is the role of farmers in our life?

Farmers have great importance in our society. They are the ones who provide us food to eat. Since every person needs proper food for their living, so they are a necessity in society. Moreover, farmers who grow these crops are of prime importance.

What did farmers eat in ancient Egypt?

The Egyptians grew a variety of crops for consumption, including grains, vegetables and fruits. However, their diets revolved around several staple crops, especially cereals and barley. Other major grains grown included einkorn wheat and emmer wheat, grown to make bread.

What crops did the Egyptian farmers grow?

A large variety of vegetables were grown, including onions, garlic, leeks, beans, lentils, peas, radishes, cabbage, cucumbers and lettuce. There were also fruits, such as dates, figs, pomegranates, melons and grapes, and honey was produced for sweetening desserts.

Who would Farmers in ancient Egypt hire?


When did agriculture begin in Egypt?

Agricultural practices began in the Delta Region of northern Egypt and the fertile basin known as the Faiyum in the Predynastic Period in Egypt (c. 6000 – c. 3150 BCE), but there is evidence of agricultural use and overuse of the land dating back to 8000 BCE.

What do farmers eat for breakfast?

Farmers normally go to work as early in the mornings as they can to avoid working in the heat. Between 8 to 9 a.m. they come home for a breakfast of rice served with eggs, fish, meat, or vegetables. Those who cannot afford to have meat or don’t raise chicken, pigs or cows, may have salted fish, vegetables and coffee.

What is the role of farmer in India?

A farmer who grows crops has responsibility for making the land for harvesting the crops, sowing the seeds and taking care of it. Few Indian farmers sell their crops in the market, while some have agreements with processing companies or other establishments.

What did farmers in ancient Egypt wear?

Ancient Egyptian farmers wore loin cloths made of linen, crafted from softened and beaten flax fibers that were spun into thread. Sandals were only worn for special occasions or when feet needed protection. The poor used papyrus or palm fronds to make sandals, while the rich wore sandals of leather.

What was life like for farmers in ancient Egypt?

Farmers planted fruit trees and vines along paths, to give shade as well as fruit. Where did the farmers grow their crops? The Egyptians grew their crops along the banks of the River Nile on the rich black soil, or kemet which was left behind after the yearly floods. The fertile soil was ideal to grow healthy crops.

What was the most common job in ancient Egypt?


What food do farmers eat?

Different farmers produce different things:

  • cereal, fruits and vegetables.
  • milk and dairy products.
  • animals for meat, milk or eggs.
  • fish and shellfish.

What do Indian farmers wear?

They wear basic clothes. Normally they use dhoti, kurta and a cap. The ladies wear inexpensive and easy dhotis. * His food — The food of the farmers is also extremely easy and cheap.

Do farmers eat their own crops?

Farms are becoming fewer and larger. Since 1900, the number of farms has fallen by 63 percent, while the average farm size has risen 67 percent. And we don’t keep food close. But as important as food is, and with as few people as there are growing it, most farmers don’t eat their own crops.

What are peasant farmers in Egypt called?

After the Arab conquest of Egypt, they called the common masses of indigenous peasants fellahin (peasants or farmers) because their ancient work of agriculture and connecting to their lands was different from the Jews who were traders and the Greeks (Rum in Arabic), who were the ruling class.

Are farmers healthy?

Farmers and agricultural workers are believed to be healthier and have lower morbidity and mortality rates than non-farming rural and urban populations [1,2,3,4,5]. Moreover, stress in farmworkers has been recently recognized as an important public health concern.

What is Egypt’s second largest city?


What does a farmer wear?

On the job on ranches and farms, men and women may wear overalls, coveralls, denim jeans, or anything a city person wears to do dirty work or work in the cold or heat. Cowboys wear boots of a few different styles. Some are more for dress-up wear.

Which crop is famous in Egypt?

In Egypt, since water is available due to the Nile Valley, people grow date palms. Crops such as barley, beans, rice, and wheat are also grown here. Egyptian Cotton, which is famous worldwide, is also grown in Egypt. Therefore, Egypt is famous for growing Cotton, and Option C is the correct answer.

What did peasants do?

Most of the people on a feudal manor were peasants who spent their entire lives as farmers working in the fields. The responsibility of peasants was to farm the land and provide food supplies to the whole kingdom. A fief typically needed dozens of peasant families to maintain it, grow crops, and raise livestock.

Why was the soil in the Nile River so rich?

The soil of the Nile River delta between El Qâhira (Cairo) and the Mediterranean Sea is rich in nutrients, due to the large silt deposits the Nile leaves behind as it flows into the sea. The banks of the Nile all along its vast length contain rich soil as well, thanks to annual flooding that deposits silt.

What challenges did farmers face in ancient Egypt?

Every year, the ancient Egyptians could count on the flooding of the Nile to bring the rich soil so that they could plant and harvest the crops. There were, however, some years that the Nile didn’t flood or flooded very little. This would cause a drought and if they didn’t have food set aside, many people could starve.

What is the root word of farmer?

farmer (n.) late 14c., “one who collects taxes, etc.,” from Anglo-French fermer, Old French fermier “lease-holder,” from Medieval Latin firmarius, from firma “fixed payment” (see farm (n.)).