What is UPOV 91?

What is UPOV 91?

The UPOV Convention is the principal international agreement relating to intellectual property protection over plant varieties. Aligning with UPOV 91 may encourage investment in New Zealand’s plant breeding industry, as well as the importation of new varieties into New Zealand.

How many countries are currently members of the UPOV Convention?

As of November 3, 2021, (i) UPOV has 78 members (shown in green), (ii) 19 States and 1 intergovernmental organization have initiated the procedure for acceding to the UPOV Convention (shown in brown), and (iii) 22 States and 1 intergovernmental organization which have been in contact with the Office of the Union for …

How many UPOV members are there?

How many countries are members of UPOV Convention?

The Appendix A shows the present 58 members of UPOV and their dates of acces- sion.

Is India part of UPOV?

India is not a member of UPOV and has its own sui generis system that recognises and protects the rights of farmers and their role in conserving, improving and making available plant genetic resources for the development of new plant varieties. It is, perhaps, only one of the three such laws worldwide.