What is virtual field experience?

What is virtual field experience?

Innovation sparked in the form of the Virtual Field eXperience (VFX), an immersive experiential learning opportunity for social work students to practice their skills as counselors with live actors who simulate clients.

What are the best virtual field trips?

22 Best virtual field trips for students

  • Take a trip to the zoo.
  • Visit The Hidden Worlds of National Parks.
  • Watch the Monterey Bay Aquarium Sea Otters.
  • Swim through Palau coral reefs.
  • Visit the surface of Mars.
  • Power up with renewable energy.
  • Walk the Great Wall of China.
  • Float around the International Space Station.

How do virtual field trips help students?

Teachers say that virtual visits deepen students’ understanding of what they are reading, and that the technology allows writers who might not otherwise go on a traditional book tour to reach readers across the country. Another benefit of virtual field trips is the ability to travel around the world without a passport.

What are the benefits of virtual field trips?

Virtual field trips are not limited by distance and are typically more cost-effective than traditional in-person field trips. They eliminate the need for transportation, decrease lost instruction time spent on travel, and involve fewer safety concerns (no permission slips required).

How do you prepare students for a virtual field trip?

Tips for Taking a Virtual Field Trip Make sure it fits with what you are teaching. Determine what you want the students to learn from the field trip. Take the field trip yourself to be sure your technology will support the trip. Gather the documents and work you would like your students to complete.

How do you make virtual trips fun?

25+ Amazing Educational Virtual Field Trips

  1. Slime in Space.
  2. The Zoo.
  3. The Aquarium.
  4. The Farm.
  5. A Planetarium.
  6. Volcanoes.
  7. Nature Lab.
  8. Yellowstone National Park.

What is a virtual field trip?

A collection of virtual field trip resources designed for instructors to lead online trips and to improve in-person field experiences. Virtual Field Trips (VFTs) take a variety of forms based on the goals of particular courses and the teaching style of instructors.

What is a virtual field site (VFS)?

Virtual Field Site (VFS) These are “bare bones” VFTs that provide the most flexible experience. They are virtual spaces that can be used for nearly any type of experience, just as the real field site would. They have basic informational content, like maps and a virtual compass.

Can virtual resources replace in-person field experiences?

Although these virtual resources were jump-started to address the current needs for online learning, these resources will also be useful situations in which in-person field trips may not possible. They can also be used to augment in-person field experiences, provide better accessibility and improve inclusivity.

What kind of exercises can be used with virtual field trips?

These are examples of exercises that could be used in conjunction with the virtual field trips provided here. These include asynchronous student exercises for making observations, reading maps, or even creating geologic sketch maps. These examples will work best when preceded by synchronous instructor guided introductions to the virtual field site.