What Laptop configuration for Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020)?

What Laptop configuration for Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020)?

At E3 2019, Microsoft announced the release of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, the most successful flight simulator to date. Because of the first gameplay and trailer, this simulator offers a realism never seen before in a flight simulator. Obviously, who says realism says big LAPTOP configuration. Today you will find out if your computer meets the performance requirements for Flight Simulator 2020.

Microsoft Flight Simulator immerses you in the shoes of a pilot. As a beginner, the game allows you to discover the basics of piloting. If you are already an experienced pilot, the game will allow you to perfect your piloting methods on a large number of devices.

To know the capacity of your computer to run Flight Simulator 2020, you will first need to know its characteristics. You will first need to know the model of your processor, your motherboard as well as the amount of RAM present in your laptop. Once these characteristics are known, you can compare them to the minimum configuration and the recommended configuration below.

Can I run Microsoft Flight Simulator?

As you can see, it is necessary to have a big gaming and best laptops for Flight Simulator. To run Microsoft Flight Simulator, the components of your laptop configuration must be at least as powerful as the minimum configuration, namely an i5-4460 processor and a GTX 770 graphics card. This LAPTOP configuration should be sufficient to be able to play in 720p at Microsoft Flight Simulator, or in 1080p but with a fairly low frame rate.

It is still recommended to have better computer components to play with. Thus, with the recommended configuration you will be able to play in 1080p at 60fps easily. This recommended config consists of an AMD Ryzen 1500X CPU and an RX 590 graphics card, all associated with 16GB of RAM.

If your computer is more powerful than the above two LAPTOP configurations, then you will have no problem running Flight Simulator 2020. These Flight Simulator configs correspond to an entry / mid-range laptop for the minimum configuration, and mid/high-end for the recommended configuration.

Ideal setup for Microsoft Flight Simulator

The developers of the game have also communicated a third configuration called “Ideal configuration”. However, we do not have more information on the performance than the latter can achieve. Here are the components:

  • AMD Ryzen Pro 2700X or Intel Core i7-9800X processor
  • AMD Radeon VII or Nvidia RTX 2080 graphics card
  • 32GB RAM

As you can see, you must, therefore, have a real monster of power to be able to run the game in ideal conditions. If we take into account this ideal configuration, Microsoft Flight Simulator is the game with the highest required components. Never has a game required an RTX 2080 to perform optimally.

What Laptop configuration do we recommend for Microsoft Flight Simulator?

To make sure you run Microsoft Flight Simulator, we recommend playing with a LAPTOP that is slightly more powerful than the recommended configuration. Taking into account the latest components released, a LAPTOP at € 800 should be sufficient for good playing conditions on Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. Here are the components of this 800 € computer:

  • AMD Ryzen 3600 processor
  • RX 5700 graphics card
  • 16GB RAM

The AMD Ryzen 3600 processor is part of the same product line as the CPU in the recommended configuration, but the two products are from different generations. In-game, the Ryzen 3600 will be much better, especially because of its better performance in “single core”. Moreover, this processor is easily overclockable to get better performance on Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The graphics card is also from AMD. This RX 5700 also exceeds the RX 590 by the recommended configuration. Released in 2019, the RX 5700 is one of the latest GPU models released to date by AMD. The performance can exceed that of the RTX 2060 Super on some games, for a lower price. As you will have understood, this video card is perfect for our config because it offers an excellent performance/price ratio.

Regarding the rest of the configuration, we advise you to follow what is indicated in the recommended configuration, especially in terms of disk space and RAM required for Flight Simulator 2020