What means ubiquitous?

What means ubiquitous?

constantly encountered

What is an example of elapsed time?

Elapsed time is the amount of time that passes from the start of an event to its finish. Here, start time is 3:15 pm and end time is 6:25 pm. Looking at a clock, we know that the next hour to pass after start time 3:15 pm would be 4:00pm. So, counting from 3:15 to 4:00 there are 45 minutes between the two times.

Is more specifically grammatically correct?

‘More specifically’ is a grammatical phrase. ‘Particularly’ implies that you are being more specific than your previous statement so to say ‘more particularly’ sounds redundant.

What does specifically mean?

in a specific manner

What is another word for specifically?

What is another word for specifically?

particularly especially
individually respectively
uniquely notably
peculiarly distinctly
expressly in particular

What do two commas mean?

It means they agree with you but that they want to commit a hate crime while they do the proposed activity. It was popularized by the nazi party. Before they rose to power they would use, “typos” which is german for hidden in plain sight, to communicate.

What’s an example of ubiquitous?

The definition of ubiquitous is something that seems to be present at the same time, everywhere. An example of ubiquitous is people using the Internet. Being everywhere at once: omnipresent. To Jews, Muslims and Christians, God is ubiquitous.

What is the definition of counterintuitive?

: contrary to what one would intuitively expect As counterintuitive as it may seem, the universe has no center, and it has no boundary.—

How do you use perfidious in a sentence?

Perfidious sentence example

  1. Zaki did not long enjoy the fruits of his perfidious dealing.
  2. The rebellion was at last put down by a series of treacheries and perfidious negotiations.
  3. His ambition was boundless and no means, however perfidious , were despised by him.

What is the difference between ubiquitous and omnipresent?

“Omnipresent” means everywhere at once, while “ubiquitous” means seeming to be everywhere at once.

What is the word for being in two places at once?

: the state of being or ability to be in two places at the same time.

How do you use the word ubiquitous?

Ubiquitous sentence example

  1. Computers are becoming increasingly ubiquitous .
  2. He aims to make his product ubiquitous by selling it internationally.
  3. We live in a society where the term “risk” has become ubiquitous .
  4. They are ubiquitous environmental contaminants of considerable persistence.

How do you use two commas?

When a subject or object is made up of two items and the second item is parenthetical, you can set off the second item with commas—one before it and one after it. But you don’t need a comma when you’re simply listing two items.

Is there a comma between two independent clauses?

Thus, it can separate two independent clauses by itself; a comma cannot separate two independent clauses unless it is followed by a coordinating conjunction (FANBOYS).

What does precisely mean?

1 : in a precise manner : exactly weighing ingredients precisely This incremental adjustment is continued until the bubble is precisely centered.— Barry F. Kavanagh —often used to emphasize the precision of something (such as a measurement, time, description, etc.).

Can you put two commas in a sentence?

You can use two commas for three items, or if you’re like me you obsess over the Oxford Comma. That’s the little comma that can be arguable both necessary and unnecessary, and is after the last item listed in the series. I think it’s crucial. Example: Growing up I had goats, chickens, turkeys, and geese.

What does elapsed mean?

to slip past

What is elapsed time simple definition?

Elapsed time is how long something has taken. To calculate elapsed time: 1. Count on in minutes from the earlier time to the nearest hour.

What is another name for ubiquitous?

Ubiquitous Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for ubiquitous?

omnipresent global
universal worldwide
infinite prevalent
ubiquitary international
pandemic widespread

How do you use the word specifically?

You use specifically to emphasize that something is given special attention and considered separately from other things of the same kind.

How do you say more specifically?

“The movie would cater to a specifically younger audience.”…What is another word for more specifically?

more accurately more categorically
more precisely more concretely
more definitely more unambiguously
more correctly more especially
more exactly more indicatively