What network is WJCT?

What network is WJCT?

WJCT-TV — Channel 7.1 Comcast Channels 8 & 440 The best in prime time programming from the Public Broadcasting Service, American Public Television, BBC, and NETA. WJCT also produces and broadcasts local news and public affairs programs and documentaries.

What is WJCT passport?

WJCT Passport is a new member benefit which provides WJCT donors extended on-demand access to a rich library of quality public television programming online and via your mobile device.

Where is WJCT located?

Jacksonville, Florida
WJCT is a non profit organization based in Jacksonville, Florida, which operates PBS member television station WJCT (channel 7), NPR member radio station WJCT-FM (channel 89.9), and WJCT Online.

What channel is NPR in Jacksonville Florida?

WJCT-FM (89.9 MHz) is a public radio station in Jacksonville, Florida. Owned by WJCT, Inc., it is an NPR member station….WJCT-FM.

Frequency 89.9 MHz (HD Radio)
Branding WJCT News 89.9
Format Public radio News/Talk

Does PBS passport include BritBox?

This bundle expands the robust collection of programming already available to WJCT supporters through PBS Passport by providing access to BritBox with over 4,000 hours of British comedy, drama, mystery, documentary, lifestyle, news and special live events — direct from the BBC and ITV — immediately following …

What is the NPR station in Florida?

WMFE-FM is Central Florida’s National Public Radio (NPR) member station, with a format of news and information.

What radio station is NPR in West Palm Beach?

Florida NPR Member Stations

Station City Frequency
WFSU-FM Tallahassee 88.9
WMNF-FM Tampa 88.5
WUSF-FM Tampa 89.7
WXEL-FM West Palm Beach 90.7

What channel is River city live?

ABOUT RIVER CITY LIVE The program airs live from 11 a.m. to noon weekdays on Channel 4.

What is the difference between PBS Passport and masterpiece?

Now the two things are different. PBS Passport is a member benefit available when you donate a certain amount to your local public television station. The PBS Masterpiece Amazon Channel is one of many à la carte options like HBO, Showtime or Starz.