What NFL team does Morris Claiborne play for?

What NFL team does Morris Claiborne play for?

Kansas City ChiefsMorris Claiborne / Current team (#20 / Cornerback)The Kansas City Chiefs are a professional American football team based in Kansas City, Missouri. The Chiefs compete in the National Football League as a member club of the league’s American Football Conference West division. Wikipedia

How old is Morris Claiborne?

32 years (February 7, 1990)Morris Claiborne / Age

Is Morris Claiborne illiterate?

Claiborne’s woeful score suggests that he spent three years playing football at the finest public university that Louisiana has to offer and came out functionally illiterate. The Wonderlic defines a score of 10 as literate, and a score of 20 as possessing average intelligence.

Do Morris Claiborne still play for Kansas City Chiefs?

He’s set to be a free agent in 2020 following his one-year deal with Kansas City. Claiborne has made $33.5 million during his career and isn’t ready to hang up the cleats anytime soon.

What number is Morris Claiborne?

20Morris Claiborne / Number (Kansas City Chiefs / Cornerback)

Where is Morris Claiborne Today?

Kansas City ChiefsMorris Claiborne / Current team (#20 / Cornerback)

When was Morris Claiborne draft?

August 8, 2019Kansas City Chiefs
2017New York Jets2012Dallas Cowboys2009LSU Tigers football
Morris Claiborne/Dates joined

Who has the lowest Wonderlic score in the NFL?

Darren Davis and Morris Claiborne have registered the lowest Wodnerlic scores ever in the NFL. Both scored a 4 on the exam, with Davis never being drafted, Claiborne was taken in the first round of the 2012 draft by the Cowboys and went on to win a Super Bowl with Kansas City in 2019.

What QB has the highest Wonderlic score?

Ryan Fitzpatrick
Ryan Fitzpatrick has the highest score of any active player in the NFL at the moment. The Harvard grad got a 48 before the 2005 NFL Draft. Colts quarterback Carson Wentz scored a 40 on his pre-draft Wonderlic.