What planes did Boeing make in WW2?

What planes did Boeing make in WW2?

The Boeing Company in World War II Douglas produced the C-47 Skytrain and SBD Dauntless; North American built the B-25 Mitchell and P-51 Mustang; McDonnell manufactured 7 million pounds of aircraft parts; and Hughes produced parts including subassembly wings, rear fuselage and ammunition belts.

Which plane was the best in WW2?

These Were The 10 Best Planes Of WW2

  • 6 Focke-Wulf FW-190 – Best Fighter.
  • 5 Boeing B29 Superfortress – Best Long-Range Bomber.
  • 4 Supermarine Spitfire – Best British Fighter.
  • 3 Avro Lancaster – Best Heavy Bomber.
  • 2 North American P51 Mustang – Best Allied Fighter.
  • 1 De Havilland Mosquito – Ultimate Multi-Role Aircraft.

Was the B-17 a good plane?

It developed a reputation for toughness based upon stories and photos of badly damaged B-17s safely returning to base. The B-17 dropped more bombs than any other U.S. aircraft in World War II. As of October 2019, nine aircraft remain airworthy, though none of them were ever flown in combat.

Who made the B-24 bomber?

Consolidated AircraftConsolidated B-24 Liberator / Manufacturer
B-24, also called Liberator, long-range heavy bomber used during World War II by the U.S. and British air forces. It was designed by the Consolidated Aircraft Company (later Consolidated-Vultee) in response to a January 1939 U.S. Army Air Force (USAAF) requirement for a four-engined heavy bomber.

What was the best plane in World War 2?

Their odds of survival were terrible. Over 50,000 American airmen lost their lives in World War II, mostly on B-17s and B-24s. The Eighth Air Force suffered 40 percent of all casualties in the air war. His plane was shot down over Berlin in February 1945

What are the different types of planes used in WW2?

Aeronca LNR observation/liaison/trainer

  • Beechcraft SNB Navigator trainer
  • Beechcraft JRB transport
  • Beechcraft GB Traveler transport
  • Bell XTDL Airacobra fighter
  • Bell XF2L Airacomet jet fighter
  • Boeing PB Flying Fortress heavy bomber
  • Boeing P2B Superfortress heavy bomber
  • Boeing 314 Clipper impressed flying boat transport
  • What planes were used in World War 2?

    While it’s unclear exactly how many planes were lost during World War II, records from the now-defunct U.S. Army Air Forces indicate at least 100,000 planes were destroyed.

    What planes did Germany use in World War 2?

    Breguet Atlantic I

  • English Electric Canberra B.2 Used in ground mapping and Recon role
  • Fairey Gannet A.S.4,T.5
  • Grob Egrett II
  • Grumman OV-1 Mohawk Evaluated only
  • Lockheed RF-104G Starfighter