What posters are required in the workplace Utah?

What posters are required in the workplace Utah?

Required Posters The Utah Labor Commission requires that employers post two notices: 1) Workers Compensation and 2) Occupational Safety and Health.

What are my rights as an employee in Utah?

Under Utah law, employees are entitled to certain leaves or time off, including jury duty and witness leave, voting leave, minor child court appearance leave, military leave and emergency responder leave. When employment ends, Utah employers must comply with applicable final pay and job reference requirements.

Is it legal to discuss pay with coworkers in Utah?

Employee’s Right to Discuss Wages. Employers should not maintain work rules that prohibit employees from discussing their wages or benefits with co-workers, as such rules generally violate the NLRA.

What are the labor laws in Utah?

Utah labor regulations require that workers offer a meal period that is less than thirty (30) minutes to workers under the age of eighteen (18) working over (5) hours. Employers must offer a 10-minute break to workers eighteen (18) and under for every three (3) hour work phases or part thereof that is operated.

Can you sue for wrongful termination in Utah?

In Utah, employers are not allowed to terminate an employee based on national origin, race, color, sex, religion, pregnancy, disability or age. Employers who either penalize or terminate their employees who fulfill this public duty may be subject to a wrongful termination lawsuit.

How many hours can you legally work in a day in Utah?

Employers cannot require minors under the age of 16 to work during school hours, work more than four hours before and after school hours, work more than 8 hours in a 24-hour period, work before 5 a.m. or after 9:30 p.m. unless the next day is not a school day, work more than 40 hours in a week.

Can you be fired for discussing salary in Utah?

No, you cannot be fired for discussing wages at work. The majority of employed and working Americans are protected from discipline exercised simply due to protected classes, such as age, gender, race, and so forth.

How many jobs did Utah add in September 2021?

Utah’s nonfarm payroll employment for September 2021 increased an estimated 3.4% across the past 24 months, with the state’s economy adding a cumulative 53,600 jobs since September 2019. Meet with employers that are hiring now!

What is the Utah Office of outdoor recreation?

An initiative of the Governor’s Office of Economic Development, the Utah Office of Outdoor Recreation maintains a list of activities and resources available to help Utahns make good, safe use of the great outdoors during this difficult time. The outdoor recreation resources are listed here.

What is the Utah Education and Telehealth Network doing to support students?

The Utah Education and Telehealth Network is updating resources for statewide connectivity and learning to support students and parents during the coronavirus pandemic. View UEN’s resources here.