What radio frequency is ABC?

What radio frequency is ABC?

Appendix 12 – Radio transmission frequencies

ABC Radio
State Area Served Frequency
NSW Walcha 88.5
NSW Walgett 105.9
NSW Wilcannia 1584

How do I get ABC digital radio?

To listen to the ABC on Digital Radio you will need a digital radio, or “DAB” receiver….If you don’t have a digital radio (or digital radio is unavailable in your area) ABC’s digital stations are also accessible via alternative means,

  1. on your digital TV (TV channels 25-29 and 200-204)
  2. online.
  3. via the ABC listen app.

What radio station is ABC Sydney?

Radio in Sydney became a popular tool for politics, news, religion, and sport and has managed to survive despite the introduction of television and the internet….

Frequency (kHz) 576
Branding ABC Radio National*
Format Talk
Type National
Launch 5 December 1923

How can I listen to radio stations?

The 5 Best Websites to Listen to the Radio in Your Browser

  1. FMRadioFree. FMRadioFree is an online radio service that lets you access over 15,000 US radio stations whenever you want them.
  2. radio.net. Next up is radio.net, a free online radio accessible anywhere on the internet.
  3. iHeartRadio.
  4. Online Radio Box.
  5. TuneIn.

Is radio National on FM?

From 1947 until 1985, the network was known as ABC Radio 2….Radio National.

Frequency Various (FM and AM), DAB+, DVB-T Ch-26, online
Language(s) English
Format News, talk