What should you put at the top of your resume?

What should you put at the top of your resume?

What to Put in a ResumeContact Information. Contact information should be placed on top of your resume. Objective Statement. An objective statement clearly states the purpose of your resume. Summary Statement. A summary statement grabs the employer’s attention by highlighting your qualifications. Employment History. Education. Other Information.

How do you put your top 5 on a resume?

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Should skills be at the top or bottom of a resume?

Where on the Page Should My Skills Section Go? Generally a skills section lives at the bottom of a resume. It’s meant to reiterate or summarize what the reader learned from your experience section. There are some exceptions though.

How do I identify my skills and abilities?

Identifying the skills a employer wants Look at the job advert and read it carefully, look for keywords that describe the skills and capabilities that a employer is expecting from a applicant. Then build and develop your CV or covering letter around the relevant skills that are required and highlight them in your CV.