What town is Providence Canyon in?

What town is Providence Canyon in?

Providence Canyon State Park

Providence Canyon State Outdoor Recreation Area (Little Grand Canyon)
Location Stewart County, Georgia, US
Coordinates 32.063273°N 84.919511°WCoordinates:32.063273°N 84.919511°W
Area 1,003 acres (4.06 km2)
Elevation 500 ft (150 m)

Is Providence Canyon worth seeing?

The canyon is beautiful and the hike was so worth it to get to the bottom of the canyon. Would definitely recommend and can’t wait to go again. We had a great time enjoying the views and the hike to the bottom. We had a family from 5 years old to 62 and we all make it just fine.

How much does Providence Canyon cost?

What else you need to know about Providence Canyon. It costs $5 to park at Providence Canyon State Park, and annual passes are available for $50. If you’re 62 or older, you can get the annual ParkPass at a 50% discount, and active military and veterans with a valid ID can get 25% off.

Can you swim at Providence Canyon?

George and is the perfect stop for accommodations and recreational lake activities like boating, fishing, swimming and birding. The interpretive center at Florence Marina has examples of area wildlife and Native American history as well as an interpretive ranger who offers guided tours of Providence Canyon.

Is Providence Canyon man made?

It is now billed as one of Georgia’s seven natural wonders, with layers of pink and white soil carved as deep as 150 feet into the land. But Providence Canyon is really a man-made phenomenon, caused by massive erosion due to bad farming practices in the 1800s.

How hard is Providence Canyon hike?

Allow at least 6 hours. Rated extremely rugged and difficult. Blazed red. The 7-mile Backcountry Trail leads into the forested area off of the White Blaze Canyon Loop Trail.

Can you see Providence Canyon without hiking?

While I wouldn’t make Providence Canyon my main destination, it is definitely worth a stop to explore. The park offers primitive camping, bathroom facilities, and picnic areas. You do have to walk the perimeter trails to see the beautiful views; you can’t snap a photo from your car.

Can you drive through Providence Canyon?

This park is a sleeper park with nothing much around it, so if you drive to this park it will be for the purpose of hiking around. You can easily hike down into the wet canyons 3 or 7 miles.

Does Providence Canyon allow dogs?

Protect Providence Canyon Dogs are welcome on trails and must remain on 6-foot leash.

Can you get married at Providence Canyon?

Tips For Planning a Providence Canyon Elopement Planning your wedding day at Providence Canyon? You don’t need a permit! At the moment, there are none needed. The canyon doesn’t have room for many decorations, so in order to save time, stress, and leave no trace, this destination is perfect for simple elopements.

What animals live in the Providence Canyon?

Wildlife: Primitive campsites along the way offer a chance to spot the wildlife that inhabit Providence Canyon: deer, raccoons, armadillos, and a variety of lizards and snakes.

What happened at Providence Canyon?

Providence Canyon continues to erode and change due to surface water runoff and the undercutting force of groundwater. Lateral erosion, however, continues, and because of the soft nature of the upper soils, changes can happen very rapidly.

What to do in Providence canyons?

Beautiful colors abound in the Providence Canyons, from the red squishy sand in the canyon trails, to the multiple colored rocks lining the canyon, some great pictures are in order. The trail to the canyon starts from the top – just remember you have to climb back up the trail to get to your car.

Is there a Grand Canyon near Florence GA?

What a magical place, it truly was the little Grand Canyon of Georgia! We stayed at Florence Marina State Park which was about a 20 minutes away. Hiked down to the canyon floor, pretty mucky so boots are advisable. But if you are careful you can avert the muck for the most part.

How do I contact the National Park Service for canyon walls?

Erosion can cause the canyon walls to collapse. Park Hours: The park is open daily as follows: For reservation inquiries please call 1-800-864-7275. For Park inquiries please contact the park at 229-838-6202. A ParkPass is required for all vehicles. Price for ParkPasses are not included with the reservation.

Is this canyon in Georgia worth a visit?

When planning our trip to Georgia I found this canyon on the internet. While it looked really cool, the pictures just don’t truly capture how pretty it is in person. We only did the shorter hike, but I would still highly recommend planning a trip here.