What walk ups mean?

What walk ups mean?

also walk-up (wôk′ŭp′) 1. An apartment house or office building with no elevator. 2. An apartment or office in a building with no elevator.

What does it mean to walk up on someone?

1. verb To come up to someone or something on foot. Often followed by “to” and a specific person or thing.

What do you mean of of walk in customers?

of or relating to persons who walk into a place from the street, especially irregularly or without an appointment: walk-in customers; walk-in sales; a walk-in patient. a person, as a customer, patient, or interviewee, who arrives without an appointment: Many of the clinic’s patients are walk-ins who suddenly need help.

What is another word for walked up to?

What is another word for walk-up?

climb scale
clamber up go up
move up scramble up
shinny up shin up
walk up swarm up

What does walk up camping mean?

If a reservable campsite is not reserved, it becomes first-come-first-served between reservations. “Walk-up” means first-come-first-served. Also, some campgrounds have an area with tent-only campsites that share a common parking area and a path leads to each site. These are called “Walk-in” sites.

What does walking up and down mean?

2. backwards and forwards. He kept walking up and down the hallway all night long.

What is strike up a relationship?

strike up a friendship​/​conversation etc (with someone)to start something such as a relationship or conversation with someone in an informal way.

Who is a walk in guest?

Who is a Walkin Guest? A Guest who arrives at a hotel without a reservation is called as ‘Walk in’. The Classic nightmare for any traveller who travel for miles and miles who then walk-in to the hotels and find that the hotel is fully occupied.

What is another word for walk in?

What is another word for walk in?

enter infiltrate
walk in on push in
trespass force one’s way in
slip into break into
access crash

What is another word for wake up?

In this page you can discover 20 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for wake-up, like: awaken, rise-and-shine, arise, get up, awake, get-going, get-cracking, waken, arouse, come-alive and null.

What is a synonym for went to?

Synonyms for went (to) consulted, referred (to), resorted (to), turned (to)

What does walk up mean at Texas State Parks?

A walk-up campsite is any campsite that’s available on a first-come, first-served basis. These campsites can’t be reserved in advance, so campers can only “walk up” to claim their spot.

What is the meaning of walk-up?

1 : located above the ground floor in a building with no elevator a walk-up apartment. 2 : consisting of several stories and having no elevator a walk-up tenement. 3 : designed to allow pedestrians to be served without entering a building the walk-up window of a bank. walk-up.

What does it mean to walk up stairs?

1. to move up an incline or stairs on foot. Sally will have to walk up the stairs by herself. 2. to walk the length of something.

What is a walk-up building?

Definition of walk-up (Entry 2 of 2) : an apartment or office building of several stories that has no elevator also : an apartment or office in such a building.