What was Commodus achievements?

What was Commodus achievements?

What did Commodus accomplish? Commodus brought an end to his father’s campaign against the Germans. After a failed assassination attempt in 182, however, his rule became erratic and brutal, and he imagined himself to be Hercules.

How did Commodus end the war in Germania?

In 180 the Roman emperor Commodus concluded a treaty with them that restored the prewar boundaries between the Roman Empire and the tribes. The Romans had to build a new network of defensive fortifications on the Danube border.

Did Commodus expand Rome?

Commodus quickly destabilized the Roman Empire and brought an to the era of The Five Good Emperors to a disastrous end.

What did Commodus do to his subjects?

Commodus declared his reign a ”Golden Age,” but Roman statesman, Cassius Dio, is famous for writing that it was one of ”rust and iron.” Cassius Dio also wrote, ”He was a greater curse to the Romans than any pestilence or any crime.” To put it simply: Commodus tortured his subjects.

What is considered military experience on a resume?

Military experience consists of any relevant job experience obtained while enlisted in a branch of military service. This may include any skills, achievements, duties, discipline or other experiences an individual has gained during active service in the military. Here are a few steps you may follow to list military experience on your resume:

How do you list military achievements on a resume?

It is important to highlight small and large accomplishments in your resume. This may include things such as successfully decreasing the number of unexpected repairs on a submarine, aircraft or another mechanical system in the military; or achievements, honors and awards that you received during active duty.

How to write an effective military resume objective?

Write an Effective Military Resume Objective The hiring manager is a civilian. She’s wondering, “but can this applicant do the job?” Answer fast with a resume objective (aka resume summary ). Police Officer with 5+ years of experience in USAF Security Forces.