What was the biggest obstacle the delegates faced when approving the constitution?

What was the biggest obstacle the delegates faced when approving the constitution?

What as the biggest obstacle the delegates faced when getting the Constitution approved? The biggest obstacle is getting the Anti-Federalists to agree with the ratification of the Constitution. The main thing that the Anti-Federalists wanted is a bill of rights, which wasn’t given until much later.

Who was the oldest delegate at the Constitutional Convention?

Benjamin Franklin

Which was decided upon at the Constitutional Convention?

What new system of Arizonan government did the delegates agree upon at the Constitutional Convention of 1787? They decided to have the Senate where each state had equal vote and the House of Representatives where it was based upon population. How did Americans ratify the Constitution, and what are its basic principles?

What best describes the delegates at the Constitutional Convention?

The delegates to the constitutional convention were, of course, all white men. For most, the Constitutional Convention was not their first experience with government; most had experience serving in the Continental Congress or had served in Congress under the Articles of Confederation.

What two things did the great compromise created in our government?

The Great Compromise created two legislative bodies in Congress. Also known as the Sherman Compromise or the Connecticut Compromise, the deal combined proposals from the Virginia (large state) plan and the New Jersey (small state) plan.

What did the delegates of the Constitutional Convention agree that the constitution should create quizlet?

delegates to the constitutional convention agreed to establish a republic. what was the greatest concern of the opponents to the constitution?

Who are four of the most famous signers of the Constitution?

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  • Connecticut. Oliver Ellsworth.
  • Delaware. Richard Bassett.
  • Georgia. Abraham Baldwin.
  • Maryland. Daniel Carroll.
  • Massachusetts. Elbridge Gerry.
  • New Hampshire. Nicholas Gilman.
  • New Jersey. David Brearley.
  • New York. Alexander Hamilton.

What was the solution to the delegates hardest problem called?

“Great Compromise” Saves the Convention Finally, delegates made a “great compromise,” to create a bicameral (two-house) legislature with the states having equal representation in the upper house or senate and the people having proportional representation in the lower house, where all money bills were to originate.