What was the Fillmore in Detroit before?

What was the Fillmore in Detroit before?

Built in 1925, the Fillmore Detroit was known as the State Theatre for most of its history. Prior to its renaming, the structure was known as the Palms Theatre, a movie house built in the Renaissance Revival style of architecture. C.

How old is the Fillmore in Detroit?

97The Fillmore Detroit / Age (c. 1925)

Who owns the Fillmore in Detroit?

Live Nation
The 2,200-capacity venue is owned by Live Nation and Forbes Management, who partnered on the renovations but would not disclose how much money was spent. The Fillmore opened in 1925 and was known as the State Theatre through most of the 20th century. It was re-branded as the Fillmore Detroit in 2007.

Who owns the Fillmore?

Kortz/Bragin Family
The Fillmore

Location San Francisco, California
Coordinates 37.784098°N 122.433132°WCoordinates:37.784098°N 122.433132°W
Owner Kortz/Bragin Family
Capacity 1,315

Is the Fillmore Charlotte inside or outside?

Where are The Fillmore Charlotte & The Underground? We are located just outside of Uptown Charlotte at the NC Music Factory.

What is Fillmore West now?

SVN West
The Fillmore West was a historic rock and roll music venue in San Francisco, California, US which became famous under the direction of concert promoter Bill Graham from 1968 to 1971….Fillmore West.

Opened July 5, 1968
Closed July 4, 1971
Demolished No, building is now SVN West

What is the Fillmore Detroit?

The Fillmore Detroit is a beautiful, historic venue located in the heart of Detroit’s entertainment district. Originally opened in 1925 as a movie house, this elegant venue has been renovated to offer guests a unique concert and special event…more.

What is the history of the Fillmore?

By DAN AUSTIN of HistoricDetroit.org The Fillmore Detroit spent much of its life as the State Theatre, opening under that name on Oct. 29, 1925. It was designed by legendary Detroit theater architect C. Howard Crane and built atop the site of the first Grand Circus Theatre, also designed by Crane.

How far in advance should I book The Fillmore Detroit tours?

We recommend booking The Fillmore Detroit tours ahead of time to secure your spot. If you book with Tripadvisor, you can cancel up to 24 hours before your tour starts for a full refund. See all 1 The Fillmore Detroit tours on Tripadvisor

When was the Palms Building in Detroit modernized?

Like many Detroit landmarks, the Palms Building was modernized in the late 1950s or early 1960s. This stripped the lobby and floors of much of their original splendor.